The 2023 Fisker Ocean Is the “Quirkiest,” Newest Electric SUV, Up for Auction

Today, we’re excited to share what many people eagerly anticipated—an in-depth review of the Fisker Ocean by Doug DeMuro. The renowned YouTuber, boasting 4.74 million subscribers, recently dropped his comprehensive review of the Fisker Ocean. In less than 24 hours, the video review has already racked up north of 200k views. In his 30-minute video dissecting the Fisker Ocean, Doug delivers one of the most interesting reviews to appear online next to Jack Scarlett’s review on Fully Charged. It’s no surprise that car enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting his take on Fisker’s flagship electric SUV.

Doug zeroes in on the unique characteristics that set the Fisker Ocean apart. For instance, he uncovers nearly 20 fascinating features, or as he calls them, “quirks.” The quirks in the Fisker Ocean are off the charts as you’ll see in this new video review! From the boldly stamped “Power” on the door jamb to the game-changing California Mode that effortlessly opens everything up at the push of a button, Doug sees the Fisker Ocean as undeniably quirky in a positive way. Following his test drive, he awards the Fisker Ocean one of the highest ‘DougScores,’ putting it on par with other leading electric SUVs.

Features Doug DeMuro Finds Most Interesting

In his comprehensive YouTube review, Doug DeMuro uncovers the “quirky” features that make the Fisker Ocean electric SUV stand out. What’s even more exciting is that he didn’t even mention any of the Easter eggs (hidden design elements)!

Overall Design:

  • “Power” Appears on the Door: The Ocean’s door jamb has a unique touch—the word “Power” is stamped into it.
  • Unusual Turn Signal Placement: The rear bumper features an unorthodox placement of the turn signals, accompanied by an additional vertical turn signal for improved visibility.
  • The Exterior Fisker Logo: Floating Fisker badge over the hood and on the rear of the vehicle.
  • Solar Roof: The Fisker Ocean features a solar panel on the roof, claiming to provide about 1,500 miles of range per year from solar charging.
  • California Mode: A button on the key fob and inside the vehicle labeled with the sun icon activates the California Mode, opening all windows, the sunroof, rear window, and even side cargo area windows simultaneously. Also, the button on the key fob lowers the window in the rear lift gate.

Infotainment and Display:

  • Rotating Infotainment Screen: The large vertical infotainment screen can rotate to a horizontal orientation with the press of a button.
  • Boost Mode: The Ocean offers a ‘Boost Mode’ for quicker acceleration, but limits it to 500 uses to preserve motor components. The screen displays the remaining boosts.
  • Message from Henrik Fisker: The infotainment system includes a welcome message from Henrik Fisker, adding a personal touch.

Driver Assistance and Safety

  • Driver-Monitoring Camera: A camera on the A-pillar monitors the driver, ensuring the maintenance of attention, especially when using driver-assist features.
  • Rearview Mirror Camera: The rearview mirror switches to a camera view, enhancing visibility when the rear is obstructed.

Interior Comfort and Convenience:

  • Split Sun Visors: Split sun visors offer more control over blocking out sunlight.
  • Wireless Charging Pads: Both the driver and passenger have their own wireless charging pads.
  • Tray in Center Console: The center console includes a ‘Taco’ tray that folds out over the driver’s lap, offering a convenient surface for various activities. (Note: There is also one in front of the passenger where the glovebox would be).
  • No Glove Box: Instead of a traditional glove box, the Fisker Ocean has clever storage solutions elsewhere, with extra compartments and trays.
  • Hidden Storage Compartments: The car features hidden storage compartments under the seats and behind the center touchscreen.
  • Roomy Rear Seat: The back seat is surprisingly spacious, offering ample legroom, knee room, and headroom, even for the middle passenger.
  • Rear Seat Controls: Rear passengers have controls for adjusting seat heating and climate control.

Fisker Ocean One from Doug’s Review Hits Cars & Bids

The Fisker Ocean One in Doug’s review, showcasing a Silver Lining exterior, MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F5b AirGlider wheels, is now up for auction. This exclusive auction is hosted on Doug’s Cars & Bids vehicle auction site. Currently, the auction has garnered nine bids, driving the current price to $59,800 with 6 days remaining. Let the auction begin!

In Doug’s Words…

"The Fisker Ocean One is a fascinating entry into the electric SUV market, boasting a unique blend of style, performance, and eco-consciousness. This particular Ocean One is equipped with the potent Dual-Motor AWD setup and the Hyper Range Battery Pack, promising impressive range and performance. It also touts the unique California Mode, which allows for an open-air driving experience like basically nothing else on the market. This Ocean One also comes with some desirable equipment, like heated front and rear seats and the striking 22-inch F5b AirGlider wheels. This is a seriously cool new electric SUV, and I'm thrilled to offer it on Cars & Bids."

Here is a sampling of the 106 professional photos taken by Doug and his team at Cars & Bids.

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6 thoughts on “The 2023 Fisker Ocean Is the “Quirkiest,” Newest Electric SUV, Up for Auction

  1. I’d never heard of this fellow. But, I found his review very beneficial and quite enjoyable to watch. I also appreciate his down-to-earth assessment of the vehicle. In the end, it’s a vehicle worth very serious consideration for people making the switch from legacy ICE (and even “legacy” EV) automakers. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t room for ongoing enhancements and improvements (like any other vehicle under the sun). Many thanks to Doug!

  2. Even though I’ve never heard of him, Doug has nearly 5 million subscribers. I’m not a Youtuber follower, but it seems that a lot of folks want to hear what he has to say. I’m guessing neither Robert nor Domino are in that 5-ish million figure. Now, maybe if Doug despised the Fisker Ocean you (Robert and Domino) would be big fans? Who knows.

    I don’t know the man. I’ll just reiterate, I appreciated his review.

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