Professional Photos of Fisker Ocean from Pebble Beach

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022

Get ready to have your mind blown by these professional photos of the Fisker Ocean at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Today, we received some of the best photos and video we’ve ever seen of the Fisker Ocean. They come from Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Fisker Ocean electric SUV is at the event through the end of the weekend.

These photos are courtesy from one of our readers, Justin Chan Photography, who specializes in automotive photos among other subjects. We hope you love these photos as much as we do. They actually make us rethink our paint color and wheel options again. Click or tap to enlarge each photo in the gallery.

The Fisker Ocean USA tour continues…Don’t miss the Fisker Ocean in NYC next weekend. If you’re attending the Brooklyn pop-up location, professional photographer or not, please share your photos with us! They will be featured on the site. Let us know in the comments below where you think the Fisker Ocean should show up next.

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12 thoughts on “Professional Photos of Fisker Ocean from Pebble Beach

  1. Just came back from the Pebble Beach event and it was awesome to see the Ocean in person. I even got to see the Fisker Ocean prototype drive by us. Upon leaving the area back to Monterey, a Fisker Karma was in front of me. Oh man, what a day! The Big Sur Blue matte paint was beautiful.

  2. Good job….hope to see more of the other colors as well as close up shots of the cars interior from the drivers perspective. Mahalo.

  3. Big Sur Blue is beautiful and those SlipStream wheels! Definitely making me rethink my current order setup with Night Drive Black and the F5 Air Gliders… definitely want to see the different colors in person before I have to lock in my order.

  4. If they ever show the car again, can someone take some photos of the top of the car. I’m wanting to see if there are roof rack mounting points, or anything for attachments alongside the panoramic roof.

    1. You got it, even though that might not be on the older prototypes. As an FYI, the FAQ on the Fisker site still mentions roof racks.

What are your thoughts?