Our Fisker Ocean Adventure to Palm Springs: Testing Real-World Range, DC Fast Charging, & Touchless Car Wash

We drove our Fisker Ocean to Palm Springs, testing the real-world range of the electric SUV, experiencing DC fast charging, and getting our first car wash.

Our unforgettable mini-vacation to Palm Springs, CA, has come to an end. During this week-long trip, we embarked on an exciting journey with our Fisker Ocean One electric SUV, putting it through its paces including scorching hot weather. We decided to test its real-world range, experience the efficiency of DC fast charging, and give it its very first car wash. We also had the pleasure of giving a future Fisker Ocean One owner a drive in our electric SUV after they left a note on our windshield. Join us on our adventure by watching the video above as we share our experiences and some of the challenges we encountered along the way.

Testing the Real-World Range

Note left on our windshield by future Fisker Ocean One owner.
Note left on our windshield by future Fisker Ocean One owner.

As we set out on our mini-road trip, our Fisker Ocean was nearly fully charged at 99%, boasting an impressive 356 miles of range. With a journey of 138 miles from our driveway to Palm Springs, we knew we had more than enough juice to spare. Throughout the drive, we experimented with different driving modes, primarily cruising in the Fun Mode for a sporty experience.

When we reached our destination, we were delighted to find that the battery still had a comfortable 61% charge. That means we used 38% of the battery to make it to our destination. Even with the scorching 115-degree temperature in Palm Springs, the SolarSky roof did its job, keeping the battery cool and the AC running efficiently. If it hadn’t been for the SolarSky roof, the car would likely have consumed more energy each day sitting in the hot weather. We calculate the real-world range of approximately 300 miles on a single charge for this Palm Springs adventure, very similar to what we used to get with our previous long-range electric vehicle. Overall, the battery range exceeded our expectations, proving the Fisker Ocean’s capability as a long-range electric vehicle and road-trip worthy.

DC Fast Charging Efficiency

During our time in Palm Springs, we charged the Fisker Ocean only once. We chose to use an EVgo DC Fast Charger since they offer 350 kW chargers, hoping for a quick top-up. Unfortunately, we faced some connectivity issues at several EVgo chargers and encountered unhelpful customer service. Despite these challenges, we persisted and eventually found success at an Electrify America charging station down the road with speeds up to 150 kW/hour.

Initially, we faced a similar issue at Electrify America. Nevertheless, on our second attempt, we managed to resolve it by putting the vehicle to sleep while using the restroom at Target, resulting in a perfect charge for the Ocean. Once connected to the charger it was a quick and speedy experience like our previous long range electric vehicle. The maximum charging speed peaked at 137 kW. The electric SUV charged from 8% to 90% in 63 minutes.

Ultimately, we topped off the electric SUV with 96.1070 kW at $0.48/kWh for a total of $46.08. The key takeaway here is to have patience and make sure you have all the charging apps on your phone in case you need them. For this particular short-distance road trip, we will likely choose to use the Level 2 charger at the resort next time, solely for its convenience factor.

Conquering the Desert Elements

Our journey through Palm Springs was not without its fair share of challenges. The desert weather served up some dusty surprises and a couple of monsoon-like rain showers. While the resort we stayed at provided covered parking, it was not always available or spacious enough to prevent door dings. Consequently, the harsh desert weather took a toll on our Fisker Ocean. By the end of our desert excursion, the Fisker Ocean was in dire need of a wash. Following Fisker’s recommendation, we opted for a touchless automatic car wash in Palm Desert, and the results were impressive. The electric SUV looks as good as new, ready to take on the world once more.

Our Electrifying Journey with the Fisker Ocean Comes to An End

Our mini-vacation with the Fisker Ocean proved to be a truly enjoyable experience, despite encountering a few hiccups along the way. The highlight of our Fisker Ocean journey remains the driving experience, which was truly exhilarating. Moreover, we had the opportunity to test the electric SUV’s real-world range on this mini-road trip, experience the efficiency of DC fast charging, and see the rain sensing wipers in action at the car wash (in the video above)! As we wrap up our adventure, we can’t help but reflect on the excitement of our last summer adventure and eagerly look forward to more electrifying moments with our beloved Fisker Ocean in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Our Fisker Ocean Adventure to Palm Springs: Testing Real-World Range, DC Fast Charging, & Touchless Car Wash

  1. Base on your miles traveled to PS, and 38% battery usage, I calculated 0.317kwh per mile. That works out to real world range of about 362 miles. How did you arrive at real world range of 300?

  2. Sean. I really appreciate this video. For me, it demonstrates that the Ocean is a vehicle to use for LIVING! This is what most of us need a car to do – help us live! It’s not something to sit in the garage and just look at. Thank you.

  3. 150KW charger does not mean 150kw/hour
    What were the times from 10-80%? Was the maximum charging speed 131 kw?
    Welcome to non-Tesla charging experience Fisker needs to jump on the NACS wagon fast!

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