New Fisker Ocean Test Drive Dates for Journalists, Analysts, and Customers

Fisker Ocean

Fisker confirms new Ocean SUV test drive dates for journalists, analysts, and customers and we have all the details for you.

Fisker Ocean Test Drives
Test Driving the Fisker Ocean.

Tonight, Fisker updated its Investor Presentation and it provides new dates when journalists, analysts, and customers will be able to test drive the Fisker Ocean.

Also, there are a few other updates in the Fisker Investor Presentation, but we’ll focus on the new details you will care about most.

Fisker states Fall 2022 is when journalists and analysts will be test driving the Fisker Ocean in Graz, Austria. As we reported earlier, test drives will happen at the end of October when the Display UI is complete. That is when we will get independent testing and reviews.

Fisker also confirms customers will be able to test drive the Fisker Ocean beginning early 2023. Test drives will first take place at The Grove in Los Angeles. Experience Centers in both Munich and Los Angeles are scheduled to open in Fall 2022. Previously, Henrik confirmed the worldwide opening of Experience Centers in November 2022.

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5 thoughts on “New Fisker Ocean Test Drive Dates for Journalists, Analysts, and Customers

  1. The display UI completion is the prerequisite for ALL road tests and independent reviews. I have never seen a software project deliver a completely finished product on budget or on schedule.

    So unless the display UI is largely functional as of right now, we’re likely looking at development and testing under duress which usually doesn’t turn out very well. And if it turns out to be half baked by the end of October, the reviews will reflect that as well.

    1. I agree with you, James, half baked software never gets stellar reviews. Fisker has been working on their software for well over a year. I don’t think we will see an inadequate UI on the display.

    1. Stay tuned Guru, the Experience Center at The Grove will be the place nearest you when they are available in early 2023.

What are your thoughts?