Most Popular Wheels Among Fisker Ocean One Customers

Fisker Ocean 22 SlipStream Wheels

We take a closer look at the popularity of Fisker Ocean wheels among Ocean One customers and why they may have chosen them.

Fisker Ocean with Big Sur Blue exterior and 22" F3b SlipStream wheels in black.
Fisker Ocean with Big Sur Blue exterior and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black.

Today, we’re taking a deeper look at Fisker Ocean wheel options. After parsing through the latest build configuration data from Ocean One customers, we are starting to see a trend with options. For example, to date, the most popular build configuration is Big Sur Blue, MaliBlu, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels. This is compared to the rarest configuration, which is Great White, Sea Salt, and 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels.

These Ocean One configurations indicate customers have chosen exterior, interior, and wheel options with the greatest value. The big takeaway from Ocean One customers is that standard options for Extreme, Ultra, and Sport are the least popular. For instance, this becomes very clear when we display the value of each wheel option sorted by popularity.

As you can see, in the table below, current data shows 39% of Ocean One customers selected 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels, which are valued at $3,800. The 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels, which are a standard option, were only selected by 3% of Ocean One customers. There is a gigantic disparity between the percentage of customers that chose the 22″ F3b SlipStream and 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels. Most Ocean One customers have maximized the amount of value with their selected options.

As for us, we fall into the majority with our Ocean One wheel option selection. However, we chose 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels not because of their value. Rather, we think they look best on a Fisker Ocean with a Night Drive exterior and Black Abyss Plus interior. When it came to confirming our Ocean Sport order, we selected standard options across the board which included 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels.

Here is a table with wheel options selected by Ocean One customers with their price as an option for Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims.

WheelsPercentage of totalValue (Price)*
22″ F3b SlipStream39%$3,800
22″ F3a SlipStream17%$3,500
22″ F5b AirGlider17%$3,200
22″ F5a AirGlider12%$2,900
22″ F6 Vortex12%$2,900
20″ F7 AeroStealth3%Standard
*Wheel options are included in Ocean One price, but come as a premium to Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport customers.

Fisker Ocean Wheel Options

Fisker offers six wheel options for the Fisker Ocean electric SUV that will be fitted with Bridgestone tires. They come in two different wheel sizes including 20″ and 22″ ranging from a standard option ($0) all the way to $3,800. Wheels come in black, silver, and two-tone options. All wheel options come standard on Fisker Ocean One, but are optional on Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims. In the words of Fisker, below is a break down of wheel options available for the Fisker Ocean including photos.

20″ F7 AeroStealth

Standard 20" F7 AeroStealth wheels look sharp and presents a ghostly profile to the wind. The Air Won't Notice Them. Everyone Else Will. Aero Cover: Molded-in-color recycled plastic; Black Matte Aero Cover mounts onto alloy wheel: Black Matte.

AeroStealths combine two design-forward elements:
• An aero-optimized wheel cover that knifes through the breeze with barely a shudder
• An all-black aluminum alloy backbone wheel that looks handsome and strong standing alone

Fisker proudly shows the sustainable materials utilized in our EVs. AeroStealth wheel covers are made of recycled plastic in an unpainted dark gray, and the flow lines that ripple through the bare, unpainted finish reveal Fisker's pride in the recycled materials beneath. When you drive your Ocean, feel good about the commitment to use less, use better, and use again.

22″ F6 Vortex

Designed for superior performance, these silver-on-black two-toned 22"s whisk through the air and deliver a rotating, charge-ahead look even when standing still. The dramatic 10-spoke design of the 22" F6 Vortex spins heads. A Beautiful Whirlwind. Wheel: Two-tone Black + Bright Machined/Diamond Cut; Coating: Tinted Matte Clear. 

22″ F5 AirGlider

Inspired works of art and engineering, the 22" F5 AirGlider's multi-layered design is sleek and imposing. Aluminum alloy and lighter-weight recycled materials lower the overall carbon footprint and radiate out in a wind-cheating 7-spoke design. Power. Glide. Wheel: Two-tone Anthracite + Bright Machined/Diamond Cut or Black Gloss; Coating: Matte Clear.

22″ F3 SlipStream

Designed to slip through the air, three spokes pass through the center of 22" F3 SlipStreams in a powerful design, creating the impression of an even larger wheel. Visible carbon flakes in the center, with strong accents, give the finish a futuristic, structural look. Slippery Smooth Style. Wheel: Black Gloss; Cover: Upcycled Marbled Carbon Matte; Accent Trim: Silver Paint or Black Matte.

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3 thoughts on “Most Popular Wheels Among Fisker Ocean One Customers

  1. Personally, the look of BSB with black F3b wheels have the greatest visual appeal. I wasn’t aware of the $ values when I made my exterior final choice, mind you, long before my lock date. It’s interesting that I was in good and large company with my preference. If the value is maxed out, so much the better

  2. That’s the only option I changed before locking. I was Maliblu since last summer but the more I looked at BAP in photos and the configurator, the more I thought it looked more classy and timeless. I suppose I also let my historical bias toward cars with leather interiors influence my opinion. If the Maliblu was available in the same material as BAP, I may have gone for that, despite the lack of contrast with BSB.

What are your thoughts?