How Many Fisker Oceans Have Been Produced This Quarter?

Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

As the first quarter of 2023 draws to a close, some Fisker customers are curious about whether the initial batch of 300 Fisker Ocean Ones has been produced at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

Fisker Ocean electric SUVs produced at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).
Fisker Ocean electric SUVs produced at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

Today, multiple Fisker Ocean One customers asked us about the production status of the Fisker Ocean. These customers that reached out are just as eager as us to receive their limited edition launch vehicles. If you recall, Fisker planned to produce over 300 Fisker Oceans during Q1 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have any new information on the current production status of the Fisker Ocean.

It was during the company’s November 2022 earnings release, Fisker shared their production plan for 42,400 Ocean units. This was based on a four-stage supplier ramp up and vehicle assembly plan. The quarterly production plan for 2023 outlined by Fisker was to produce over 300 vehicles for Q1, over 8,000 for Q2, over 15,000 for Q3, and the remainder to get to 42,400 for Q4.

At the end of February 2023, Fisker maintained their production target of up to 42,400 units. However, this production target was based on two things. Firstly, whether or not the company’s supply chain could deliver as forecasted. It’s our understanding Fisker secured long-lead parts and expected to receive parts for the first 300 cars during March. However, we have yet to confirm whether or not the company has received these parts.

Secondly, Fisker needed to receive homologation in a timely manner in order to achieve their production target. During the latest earnings call in February, Fisker anticipated completion of homologation in March. As of this week, Fisker plans to receive European homologation from authorities by April 28th, 2023, with deliveries following soon after. Customers in the US are still waiting to hear about certification and approvals for North America, as well as official EPA results.

Closing in on the End of Q1 2023

As we approach the close of Q1 2023 in Graz, Austria, we do not know if Fisker produced over 300 Ocean units this quarter or not. We hope to hear more from Fisker soon rather than waiting until the Q1 2023 earnings release. As we talked about last night on All-Things Fisker: Episode 21, it would also be nice to see an update regarding Fisker Ocean certification and approvals for North America, not to mention EPA results, especially for customers highly anticipating the delivery of their Fisker Ocean Ones.

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14 thoughts on “How Many Fisker Oceans Have Been Produced This Quarter?

  1. Yes, considering we all had to pay a non refundable $5000 prepayment for our vehicles, I don’t feel it’s out of line to expect more transparency!

  2. I concur. I think the time for subtle hints and teasers to keep everyone guessing is behind us. Going forward, the company needs to just tell it like it is. Those who are expecting delivery in Q2 need more solid info in order to make informed decisions regarding financing and insuring the One, selling our current cars, short-term financial planning, tax implications, etc.

  3. It’s a no go ….everything about it makes me want to order one but even though I want to get one… an unreliable and changing none update on delivery date or dates makes it impossible to plan as my current car needs replacement in 4 months I can’t keep waiting and so will go elsewhere

  4. The company said that it started building Oceans back in November 2022. If they haven’t actually completed any four months later, isn’t it fair to assume there is a problem that they are not being upfront about. The company responded to my question “soon”. Thus is vague I think. Are parts needed?

    1. Since SOP, Fisker built 56 vehicles including 15 vehicles for Magna’s fleet, in use for data collection, improvements and validating additional features to be added in months to come.

  5. Henrik needs to be more transparent with what is happening with customers orders of their Oceans in U$

  6. I don’t understand this article, though I think it reinforces my grim view right now. It cites timely homologation as a factor in a production delay. We seem to know they don’t have that yet. So, isn’t the answer as far anything relevant to real customers 0? Or do they produce some number customer-bound vehicles and hope homologation arrives without forcing some change?

  7. I’m confused, isn’t the answer at least for customer-bound vehicles 0? It says there were delays in homologation, and we know they don’t have that yet. So do they just build some customer-bound cars and hope homologation arrives without requiring anything to fix on what they build already??

  8. I contacted them to purchase a car and was told the earliest I would be able to receive a 2023 model year car would be mid 2024.

    1. Yeah, the company has a lot of demand with nearly 65,000 Fisker Ocean reservations. If production goes as planned (42,400 units in 2023), customers reserving now won’t take delivery until 2024.

  9. Transparency is what Fisker needs to improve upon asap. I think they run the risk of a mass exodus if people holding reservations don’t hear something soon about production. It’s time to put up or shut up.

  10. Reservation is the key word… Mine will remain a reservation until there is transparency and a track record of delivery.

What are your thoughts?