Henrik Fisker, “Things are about to change!”

Over the weekend, Henrik Fisker shared a lot of new information that largely went under the radar as Fisker Ocean test drives kick off today in Manhattan Beach.

Refreshments at Fisker Ocean test drive event at Fisker’s Manhattan Beach HQ. (Photo Credit: Raheem Ahmad)

Today, Fisker began Fisker Ocean test drives for customers at their Manhattan Beach headquarters. The company has emailed California reservation holders, inviting them to schedule appointments. Nearly a dozen vehicles are available on-site for customers to drive around the Los Angeles area. There is a strong likelihood that Fisker will provide test drives to more than 1,000 customers this week. The company wants to give as many customers as possible the ability to test drive its flagship electric SUV. And if you happen to be outside Southern California, we have positive news for you as well.

Future Fisker Ocean Test Drive Opportunities

Over the weekend, Henrik Fisker shared numerous updates, including insights regarding future test drive opportunities in various parts of the United States. Fisker mentioned that as the company acquires more marketing vehicles, they are actively planning a series of events and pop-up test drives. For instance, people inquired about test drives in the Bay Area of Northern California. Henrik confirmed that these test drives are in the pipeline and also disclosed that Fisker has already identified a location for a Fisker Lounge and Center+ locations in that region. Henrik’s other comments suggest that Fisker intends to replicate their last minute pop-up test drive experience in Fort Lauderdale throughout the entire country. Keep an eye out for upcoming pop-up test drive events!

Change Is Coming to Fisker

Henrik Fisker also provided some reassuring updates this weekend. He said, “Things need to change. Last two months were busy getting Magna to handover cars to us. In the past, we could not communicate firm delivery dates to our customers. As Magna gives us a steady supply of cars and logistics are now booked…Things are about to change!” He went on to share that Fisker’s target deadline to deliver all 5,000 Ocean Ones remains the end of September. He said a sole supplier is stockpiling parts and is aware of pressure from both customers and shareholders. Fisker emphasized the rarity of having demand from loyal customers and urged the supplier to meet it. The supplier has provided the necessary figures, and the team is actively monitoring progress daily. All suppliers are interested and vested to deliver. This is a great development since the company’s latest earnings call.

Henrik Provides Additional Updates

Henrik didn’t stop there; he kept providing numerous updates. He mentioned that the company is actively working on delivering Fisker Oceans to Canadian customers, and an update should be reaching them soon. Fisker’s September delivery includes Canadian Ocean One customers, a goal that Henrik believes his company can achieve. “That’s the direction our team is taking,” Henrik affirmed. He added that the Fisker team is currently exploring test drives in Canada as well.

He also addressed comments recently made by Jim Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money during the popular “Lightning Round,” when a caller inquired about Fisker. Cramer’s remark that Fisker is a charity didn’t sit well with the CEO of Fisker. Henrik replied, “I would call companies who loose money on cars a charity. Maybe Jim Cramer didn’t see our numbers. Stock price is only one thing.”

In response to a question about deliveries and potential press releases for hitting milestones like 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 deliveries, Henrik received it as a directive and humorously saluted with “🫡”! The company is now on the brink of change. With customer deliveries and test drives underway for the Fisker Ocean, this marks a potential turning point for the company.

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8 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker, “Things are about to change!”

  1. I have not ordered or made any deposits on any of his cars but the consensus so far is that Henrik’s team needs better communication during the delivery process.

    He should send a team over to Lexus to evaluate how they respond to critical issues if they were to arise and emulate it.

    I also have a feeling that Foxconn will not only produce US spec Pear but also the Alaska and Ocean. This will greatly reduce turn around time and help customers qualify for tax incentives. I think Magna should also increase its stake in Fisker and have their engineers on hand to help Foxconn with building local units here in the US. And maybe Magna should also form an alliance with Foxconn here in the US too.

  2. Natalie. Evan. Others. Unfortunately, Fisker has created an environment (a sort of micro- climate) for the day-trading, band-trading crowd. It’s unfortunate.

    Maybe Foxconn should stick to smart phones.

    Steady, strong, and trusted production of highly reliable, emotional, and sustainable vehicles is what will un-do this silly micro-climate in Fisker Inc. shares.

  3. Busting into the center of the screen, brandishing the jug, and yelling: “Hey Koolade,” is not the voice you want to take for gospel. For my part, I have to sit in the car, walk around it, drive it. Until I have knowledge that there will be east coast “experience center” up ‘n atom, I won’t even part with the measly $250 reservation fee. The guy went pretty much BK once when hopes and dreams outweighed reality. There isn’t a vehicle out there that matches the Fisker Ocean on (Fisker) paper. If the Ocean actually matches its sales pitch, I’ll be more than happy to be an early adopter, but I won’t be an innovator for this guy and $60k; you got to get me past the innovator stage.

  4. I would like to ocean models in the Orlando florida area sonde I put a deposit down years ago and also bought some stock I am waiting to see the ocean in person

  5. Andre. I hear what you’re saying. Team Fisker has some serious baggage that is not easy for them to unload. High quality results/performance are are what’s needed to get the monkey off Fisker’s back. So far, that big gorilla is still holding on.

What are your thoughts?