Henrik Fisker Talks About A Clean Future for All

Henrik Fisker presents in Stockholm to kickoff eCarExpo 2023 and shows off the Fisker Ocean Extreme and a roof rack.

Today, Henrik Fisker presented as the headliner at eCarExpo 2023 on the topic of “A Clean Future for All.” The Fisker CEO said, “We are living in a society where we obviously have used up the planet quite a lot in the last years. I think we all need to find a way to help to turn it the other way around to get a clean future and clean up the planet as much as we can.” Henrik went on to talk about autonomous driving, designing an emotional car, and Fisker’s product pipeline.

At the end of the presentation, the host asked Henrik what question she should have asked which he would have loved to answer. Henrik quickly responded, “The price of the car!” He said he has been asked a lot about other car companies lowering their prices. People want to know what Fisker is going to do. Henrik shared that from beginning, Fisker has competitively priced their electric SUV. He said some competitors may have raised prices too much. Now they’re lowering them to be more reasonable.

Also, while Henrik was at the eCarExpo he showed off the Fisker Ocean Extreme earlier in the day. He even gave us a first look at the Fisker Ocean with a roof rack. Fisker Ocean customers have expressed a lot of interest in this accessory. It appears the Fisker roof rack is made by a third-party named INNO. This company has been developing premium quality car rack and cargo systems for decades. In the photos you can see the electric SUV loaded up with skis on the roof rack. Who’s ready for some skiing?

Fisker Ocean Roof Rack by INNO Racks

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2 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker Talks About A Clean Future for All

  1. 630 kilometers plus more range from the solar roof. That equals 391 miles plus! I hope that is true. Maybe this was the news Fisker was to reveal in January?

    1. Don’t we wish Raul, but that is not the case! It’s not as simple as converting KM to miles between WLTP and EPA estimates. According to Inside EVs, “As a rule of thumb, though, consider the EPA figure to be the most realistic with only a few percentage points difference from what one might see in real-world conditions. The WLTP figure to be about 22 percent higher than EPA, and the CLTC number about 35% higher than EPA.” Unfortunately, we are still waiting for EPA and WLTP range updates. Those will probably come later this month during the Q4 2022 earnings call.

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