Henrik Fisker Shows Off Taco Tray

Fisker Ocean Taco Tray on Driver's Side

The Fisker Ocean taco tray is an innovative feature found in the center console on the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

Today, Henrik Fisker showed off the driver’s side taco tray on the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. In a video post on social media, he said, “We all like to get, once in a while, maybe a burger or a taco and eat it in the car. So that’s why we created the taco tray and it is right here. You can have a nice little meal. You can put on your laptop, iPad, or whatever and work in the car. Voila, right from Paris, very simple!”

We got to see both the driver and passenger taco trays on the Fisker Ocean Extreme earlier this week. It was quite a surprise when lifting the center console armrest. There it was, something very familiar to many that have travelled on an airplane. The taco tray is a fun feature Henrik revealed to us a couple of months ago. It’s probably going to be something we all didn’t know we needed until we have it. It will make working from the car a whole lot easier, not to mention chomping down a meal from In-N-Out Burger or your favorite taco shop.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme is packed with all sorts of features. In addition to the taco tray on the Fisker Ocean, the most popular features will end up being the SolarSky Roof, Hollywood Mode, and California Mode. In fact, last week, we got a sneak peek of the user interface and specifically a screen that shows how much solar energy the Fisker Ocean collects from the sun. Fisker says the SolarSky Roof can get upwards of 2,000 additional miles per year in excellent weather conditions. So far, what’s your favorite feature on the Fisker Ocean?

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4 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker Shows Off Taco Tray

  1. Did anyone ask what women/moms need in a car?
    From what I can see the taco tray takes up the storage space that’s normally found in the center console. I am diabetic and asthmatic, so I keep a stash of jelly beans and a rescue inhaler in that console. I know exactly where they are so I don’t need to go fumbling to find them urgently. For a small child I would keep wipes in there at the ready. (Or during a pandemic for that matter!) I see nothing in the rear cargo space to help corral grocery bags or athletic equipment. I understand there is no glove box, so where do you keep important papers like registration and insurance?
    I certainly hope that you will consult more women when you do a final design of the PEAR!!!

What are your thoughts?