Henrik Fisker, “I’m excited for this week coming!”

Henrik Fisker posts a cryptic message on social media, and we attempt to decode it to determine its potential significance for the upcoming week.

Fisker Ocean electric SUVs lined up on the floor of Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

Today, we will attempt to decode Henrik Fisker‘s latest cryptic post on Stocktwits. He shared it exclusively on that platform, which raises curiosity. In his post, Henrik expressed his disappointment about not being able to attend a Memorial Day BBQ due to flying back to Graz. However, he emphasized the need for round-the-clock work at present and expressed excitement for the upcoming week. Accompanying his message was a photo showcasing a lineup of Fisker Oceans at Magna Steyr. This combination of text and photo leaves us wondering the potential significance behind it.

We believe something interesting could happen this week. Henrik shared these exact words, “Flying back to Graz today, so no Memorial Day BBQ 😩! But, we need to work 24/7 at the moment and I’m excited for this week coming 😉!” Now, we immediately recognize Henrik’s excitement, and while his words capture our interest, the photo holds the most intrigue. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo provides a few clues about what might be in store for us this week.

Our Best Guess

For starters, the photo proudly displays six Fisker Ocean electric SUVs. It seems that the image is a screenshot of a photo uploaded as a PNG image rather than a JPEG. At the bottom of the image, there is a thin black line measuring a single pixel in height. Based on the orientation, it is likely that the photo was taken using a mobile device, but it has been cropped intentionally to exclude something. Clearly, the right hand side of the Fisker Ocean is missing. Perhaps, a Fisker Ocean One? Yes, we believe so.

Coming to America!

If you recall, Fisker Oceans destined for the US will have a separate ramp-up period that was estimated to start between late May and June. The Fisker Ocean One in Big Sur Blue with 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels takes prominence in the photo. We believe that this vehicle, along with others in the picture, awaits shipment to North America as customer vehicles. Two distinctive features are noticeable on this particular vehicle.

Firstly, the driver side mirror appears smaller compared to the mirrors on vehicles intended for the European market. During our visit to Magna, we specifically inquired about the larger mirrors, and Henrik explained that European regulations require them to be bigger.

Secondly, the high mount rear indicator, also known as the ‘See Me Signal’ by Fisker, possesses a reflector designed specifically for North America. The European version of the Fisker Ocean lacks this feature, having only the indicator. Therefore, it becomes apparent that this specific Fisker Ocean is intended for shipment to the United States.

What Else is Exciting?

Henrik did not mention any plans to make an announcement this week; instead, he simply expressed his excitement. However, there are a few developments we anticipate in the near future. One of them is the awaited announcement of EPA range approval, which is the final requirement for Fisker to begin selling vehicles in the United States. Needless to say, this announcement would be quite thrilling!

Furthermore, North American customers eagerly anticipate receiving an email similar to the initial European customers who received Fisker Ocean delivery details on May 19th. Strangely, no emails from this group have surfaced online thus far. Based on the information, we gather that either Fisker has not sent emails to the initial group of Fisker Ocean customers in North America or the number of customers in this cohort is considerably smaller. Our belief leans towards the former scenario.

While either of the aforementioned events could potentially occur this week, our understanding is that Henrik’s focus and excitement revolve around shipping vehicles to North America. This is crucial as Fisker must arrange for the transportation of Fisker Oceans on a vehicle carrier this week in order to start deliveries in the US market at the end of June, as announced on May 15th. Regardless of what is in store for this week, we’re certain of one thing, it will be exciting!

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