Fisker’s Production Update: Scaling Up and On Track to Meet Targets

Fisker provides a production update, stating that the company is scaling up and on track to meet its targets, with 300 vehicles built and counting, and will be ready to produce 75 vehicles per day starting next week.

Fisker Ocean Production at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean production at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

Today, we have an exciting Fisker Ocean production update to share from Fisker’s third annual meeting of shareholders. Dr. Geeta Gupta-Fisker, CFO & COO of Fisker Inc, said something that has us super excited. Her words reminded us of what Henrik Fisker said a while back, “The machine is accelerating!” We discussed it yesterday after the meeting. However, it has gone largely unnoticed, so let’s talk about it! Geeta offered insight into the current state of Fisker Ocean production at Magna Steyr.

Fisker’s Accelerating Production

Not only did Geeta reaffirm production forecasts of 1,400 to 1,700 vehicles in Q2, and 32k to 36k units for calendar year 2023, she confirmed that Fisker is scaling up really fast by sharing insight into daily production numbers. To date, the company has built 300 vehicles, and starting next week, Fisker will begin producing 75 units per day. This means that Fisker is well on its way to achieving their Q2 production goal. And best of all, the company will scale upwards to 6,000 units per month (300 units per day, assuming 5-day work week) this summer.

In Fisker’s words…

“As we guided in our earnings, we plan to produce 1,400 to 1,700 vehicles in Q2 and the remainder to reach our calendar 2023 production forecast of 32 to 36,000 units will be produced in the latter half of the year. We expect to ramp up throughout the summer reaching steady state production of 6,000 units per month later this year.

Now as Henrik mentioned, we started producing vehicles last week and have produced over 300 vehicles. From now until the end of June, we will continue to ramp up on a daily and a weekly basis to achieve our targets. For example, next week we will go to producing 75 units a day and so on and so forth.

As we are entering into this significant phase of ramp, we are ensuring that we receive high quality parts and are diligently looking into both the quality of parts coming in and the quality of cars both from a mechanical aesthetic and a complete vehicle integration that goes through multiple lines of end of line testing.”

Geeta Gupta-Fisker, Executive Board Member, CFO & COO, Fisker Inc.

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6 thoughts on “Fisker’s Production Update: Scaling Up and On Track to Meet Targets

  1. With the Port of L.A. having Labor issues, there now may be further delays. Although, shipping to Newark/NY is the preferred option of some auto importers. This will still need to be managed well to work on short notice.

  2. They have made 300, in over six months time for an average of less than fifty a month, or less than two per day, delivered three that we know of, and can make 75 a day next week? Blah blah, Magna, yes I know who they are, but it is an unusual ramp from 300 in six plus months to 300 in four days. Highly skeptical, and will they deliver some of those cars, and will anyone in the media be able to take one out for a test drive?

  3. Now that they have the recent EPA approval they will ramp up. It is great they are careful with production insuring the highest quality control. So far looking good!

  4. for 6k/month it actually means 300/day, probably 100/shift.
    it’s clear that they started to produce close to what is expected only in the last 1-2weeks. this can be correlated with photo/video evidence of multiple cars, no 1-2-3cars same time as it was previously seen in photos.

  5. Yes we know all about the Ramp. Everyone has to remember they built 300 in 6 months. Yes they are ramping. Anyone comparing the first 6 months to current production numbers is a fool. Everyone must remember they had to get approval to sell and then had to start production and now the Ramp up stage and delivery stage has begun!

What are your thoughts?