Fisker’s Boston Pop-Up Event: Customers Share First Impressions of Fisker Ocean

Customers share their first impressions and stunning photos of the Fisker Ocean after attending Fisker’s latest pop-up and test drive event in Boston.

Fisker Ocean pop-up and test drive event (Boston, MA).
Fisker Ocean pop-up and test drive event (Boston, MA).

Today, Fisker wraps up a three-day pop-up and test drive event in Boston. This event garnered immense popularity as the Fisker Ocean had never visited the City of Champions before. Fisker captured numerous stunning photos of the Fisker Ocean as it traversed the city. Whether the Fisker Ocean graced the backdrop of Fenway Park, Old State House, or Custom House Tower in the financial district, we find the candid photos taken by customers the most intriguing. But this event was more than just a visual spectacle.

Unlike previous Fisker pop-up events, attendees didn’t merely snap photos and admire the Ocean’s sleek design; they also provided invaluable feedback. We are now delighted to share their unedited feedback with you, alongside a rich assortment of photos in the gallery below. And now we wait for Fisker to announce the next East Coast pop-up and test drive locations likely later this week. It could be New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Toronto, Charlotte, Atlanta, or even Miami. Stay tuned!

What Customers Are Saying

Here are Jake G.’s thoughts. He ordered a Fisker Ocean with a Horizon Gray exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and F5b AirGlider wheels.

First Impressions of Fisker’s New England Debut

"Today (9/3/23) marks the first day that Fisker has showcased their vehicle in New England. This has been met with a great response, not only by myself, but also by the many visitors who showed up for test drives. The Natick Mall where they chose to feature the flagship vehicle was a great choice. With heavy foot traffic, easy highway access and last but not least a Tesla showroom inside (I'm sure this isn't a coincidence). 

5 Vehicles were present. The colors that were showcased were Silver Lining (2 of them), Blue Planet, Big Sur Blue, and Horizon Gray. I'm assuming the same colors that were available in New Jersey yesterday. I was not as impressed with the Big Sur Blue as I thought I would be. I had originally wanted this option for my Fisker Ocean One, but had settled on Horizon Gray due to the maintenance required with matte paint. I am more than pleased with my decision after seeing the metallic gloss paint shimmering in the sunlight. The hint of blue within the gray color was amazing. It really helps to add depth to the paint and show off the sculpted body line of the Ocean.

The display was small and simple but had attracted a lot of attention. While returning from my test drive, I slowed for pedestrians in the crosswalk. A young boy stopped in his tracks, stares at the Ocean and says, 'that's cool' echoing my sentiments exactly. This car gets attention. Even while driving on a busy section of Route 9 you could see surrounding cars with onlookers probably asking themselves, 'what is that?'

Unfortunately, they didn't have the F5b AirGlider wheels on display today. They did have the Black Abyss plus interior we ordered, along with Sea Salt and MaliBlu. I loved all of the interior options, but one stood out to me. I absolutely loved the MaliBlu . My wife asked me if we could change our selection to the MaliBlu and honestly, I wish I could. It was soft, cozy, and not as blue as I thought it would be. I was imagining the blue that you would find in a 1990 Ford Tempo. You know, super dated and very cheap looking. Instead it was a subtle blue Alcantara that was made for the Fisker Ocean interior. I can now understand why this is such a costly upgrade.

Thank you so much to Henrik and the team at Fisker for bringing the vehicles for us to experience in person. I was blown away by the design and functionality of the Ocean, and I now eagerly await it's arrival in my driveway. I really hope they fulfill their promise to deliver all Ocean Ones by the end of the month.🤞"

Here is what Zouhdi H. had to say. He has ordered a Fisker Ocean with a Big Sur Blue exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and F3b SlipStream wheels.

Boston’s Suburbia Meets the Ocean

"Test driving the Ocean was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, though my wife and I would not typically be circling a mall parking lot on a sunny Sunday afternoon, looking for a space, especially during the first 3-day streak of warm dry weather of the summer. As is the usual case at the Natick Mall, I gave up and parked in the garage. Walking to the Fisker tent, I daydreamed of driving a winding road in Cali Mode. After signing in with the friendly Fisker advisers, my wife and I explored a Horizon Gray model that remained stationary for that purpose.

While that gray color is nice, an in-person look at the nearby Ocean sporting Big Sur Blue paint in the sun confirmed that it’s the one (no pun intended) for me. Besides, I’ve owned several silver/gray cars. The F3b SlipStream wheels are equally eye-catching and futuristic, separating the Ocean from the crowd of SUV’s in the parking lot. Design is amazing in real life. Fit and finish are excellent, as I expected.

The door handles look cool, and the door closing sounds solid. The steering wheel was thicker than most cars I’ve driven, though it felt comfortable with all driving maneuvers. The Black Abyss Plus upholstery was comfortable and was presumed to be leather by my daughter’s boyfriend, who had joined the family for the event. He also made note of the roominess of the rear seat. Not that I expect to sit back there much, I concurred. The seats in general, were supportive and felt comfortable, albeit for a short drive.

The main touchscreen’s UI was somewhat 'laggy,' though the friendly Fisker adviser acknowledged that the vehicle hadn’t had the latest updates. However, the quality of the rendered 360-degree view and graphics were on par with those of my Tesla. The bird's eye view is one feature that my wife and I appreciate in her Highlander and can only wish the Tesla offered. The trunk space isn't huge, but I rarely need the larger space available in the Model X. With the Ocean's rear seats down, I would have plenty of storage. 

When my turn came up, I was directed to a Blue Planet Ocean Extreme edition. The Fisker adviser who joined me in the car (wish I was better with names) was a pleasant fellow hailing from Chicago and experiencing Boston for the first time. I asked him if he had taken part in the NYC photos that I had seen on Fiskerati. It turns out that he was the lead driver in the caravan traveling through Times Square (a feat in itself) in the same car I was testing. I congratulated him on only getting yelled at a couple of times.

I found it quite easy to maneuver the Ocean in the narrow lanes of the Natick Mall. As I pulled out of the parking spot, I informed/warned the adviser that I expect to spend the majority of my driving time in Hyper mode, purely based on watching a number of YouTube videos. Earth mode was fine for driving around the parking lot and Fun Mode was punchier than expected as we got out on the road. Once I switched to Hyper mode, the adviser invited me to give the throttle as much as I would like, and in doing so, I confirmed that mode would be my One’s go-to for the highway, where I rack up most of my miles.

As we parted ways, my wife asked the Fisker adviser when we could expect our car to be delivered. As I expected, he responded, 'By the end of September.'  I think I heard him add something to the effect of 'you have my word on that.' I’d love to hold him to it, but in the meantime, I remain optimistic that I will be driving in Cali mode at least once before the New England fall air makes it too cold for me."

One other customer reached out to us, sharing their experience. Peter V. exclaimed, “My enthusiasm is in no way diminished! I got there early, before the official start of the event, so these photos don’t have very many people in them (which was my intention). The last two are of the car I drove.” His exact Fisker Ocean configuration features a Big Sur Blue exterior, MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F3a SlipStream wheels. You can view his photos alongside the others below.

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