Fisker Owner Disputes Bloomberg’s Claims About Software Glitches in First-Ever Fisker Ocean One

The owner of the first-ever Fisker Ocean One in Copenhagen gave us an update after reaching out about Bloomberg’s report.

Today, the owner of the first-ever Fisker Ocean One provided us with an update contradicting Bloomberg’s claims. The article had been released just before Fisker’s Q1 2023 quarterly report. It prompted us to contact Jackie Phillip, who had received the limited edition launch vehicle last week and gained popularity among Fisker enthusiasts.

Phillip’s Fisker Ocean One parked in front of Bistro Boheme (Copenhagen, Denmark).

For background, Bloomberg reported that the software of the Fisker Ocean is currently prone to glitches, and some vehicles are using a basic software that limits their speed. The article further stated that Fisker is preparing to send back the first-ever Fisker Ocean to Magna’s Austria-based plant due to software issues that have rendered the SUV inoperable.

Fisker denied the claims. The company said, “We categorically deny that the Fisker Ocean can be driven at only low speeds.” The company went on to inform Bloomberg that it would provide over-the-air updates to vehicles this year after launching them with a basic driver-assistance system. Unfortunately, Henrik Fisker had to address the Bloomberg article during the earnings call yesterday. He even responded during a CNBC interview (posted above).

Jackie Phillip’s Response to Bloomberg’s Report

We asked Jackie Phillip about what Bloomberg had to say about his new Fisker Ocean. He said, “There is no problems with the car and it’s here with me in Copenhagen. I just love this car my new Fisker Ocean One. It’s FULLY lived up to my [expectations] and more.” Phillip went on to confirm the story about Henrik Fisker getting a speeding ticket in his car. “It’s really fast, Henrik Fisker even got a speeding ticket when he introduced me [to] the car,” he added.

Fisker Ocean One: A Sports Car-Like Driving Experience

He described his Fisker Ocean as having a sports car-like driving experience, with an impressive battery range even at high speeds. Phillip expressed admiration for all of the features on the electric SUV, particularly the SolarSky Roof and sound system. He said, “I absolutely love this car.” He went on to say that his new Fisker Ocean is faster and has more exciting features than his current Porsche Cayenne Coupe. As a result, he intends to sell his Porsche.

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6 thoughts on “Fisker Owner Disputes Bloomberg’s Claims About Software Glitches in First-Ever Fisker Ocean One

  1. Fantastic news. I wish Bloomberg issues a retraction shortly but would be surprised. Sure, could everything Bloomberg said be true and the Jackie’s comments on the black/white issues – like if his car was ever heading back – also be true? Technically. But it would be highly problematic legally for an investor like Jackie or anyone to make this claim or reproduce such distortions and there’s no reason to think this outlet or Jackie have any reason to do so. In fact frequently this outlet is critical of Fisker. (but oh boy, if Jackie is an investor and misled a bit here, RIP to ppl involved and Sean get a lawyer tho no way anything could stick to a transparent web site).

    That’s tin foil hat conspiracy land. But now that that’s cleared up what remains infuriating is Fisker has to rely on independent outlets like Fiskerati to report out their rebuttals. Why could Fisker not do this immediately? They do have Comms ppl who aren’t busy coding and all. Thanks to Sean for getting to the bottom of this. Would love Fiskersti to present the gps data to Bloomberg and watch them cave

  2. stock manipulation by news media groups , the playing filed is not leveled for the average investor , Bloomberg should be held accountable but is not …

  3. Would love if Fisker had the deep pockets to sue Bloomberg. I wish that Bloomberg would be threatened with being blacklisted from Fisker events. These “journalists” are full of their own BS and pedal rumour or BS as fact.
    Best not to waste time litigating but maybe get the message out on Twitter that it is Fake News.

  4. We all should know by now the lies mainstream media have been telling us especially over the past 3 years. Media are now paid propagandists

  5. Great interview by Henrik. There does seem a very concrete and well thought out plan for Fisker Ocean and Pear production. Given the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic and the current geopolitical and economic turmoil, Fisker would seem to be doing very well dealing with unavoidable supplier issues etc. It inspires confidence in the ability of Fisker to deal with and overcome adversity into the future.

What are your thoughts?