Fisker Oceans ‘At Sea,’ Chicago Test Drives, and Norwegian Deliveries

Fisker making waves from North America to Europe, with transporting Fisker Oceans for Canadian customers, scheduling Chicago test drives, and making Norwegian deliveries.

Fisker Ocean test drive event headed Chicagoland.
Fisker Ocean test drive event headed Chicagoland.

Today, Fisker is making moves with its electric SUV in both North America and Europe. Reports from around the world are showcasing this progress and it is very exciting. These developments encompass the shipment of Fisker Oceans to customers in Canada, the scheduling of a new test drive event in the Windy City next week, and the start of Fisker Ocean deliveries on Norway’s southwestern coast. Moreover, let’s not overlook the electrifying buzz reverberating throughout the United States – from test drive events in SoCal and the upcoming owner meetup in San Clemente to the fulfillment of customer deliveries, and even the fortunate few securing VINs for their coveted Ocean Ultra orders!

Fisker Oceans At Sea for Canadian Customers

First and foremost, Fisker Ocean One customers in Canada announced that they have received an update regarding their Fisker Ocean Ones. These customers have taken to forums and social media platforms to share the Fisker Ocean news. When they access their My Fisker app to check their vehicle’s status, it now displays “At Sea,” signifying that their electric SUVs are currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Europe.

Chicagoland Test Drive Event

Secondly, Fisker revealed earlier today that it is introducing the Fisker Ocean to the Windy City. The company has organized its first-ever Chicago metro test drive event from Thursday, September 28th to Sunday, October 1st. Chicago was one of the places we thought the Fisker Ocean test drive events would pop-up next. The pop-up and test drive event will operate daily from 10 AM to 6 PM at the Oakbrook Center, specifically located at 7 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523 (map), in the North Purple lot, directly across from Pinstripes. Please note that test drives are available by appointment only. After Chicago, maybe we will something next in either Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, or possibly Las Vegas to name a few! (Fingers crossed for each of you there!) 🤞

Norwegian Waves

Finally, Fisker has made an official announcement regarding the beginning of deliveries in Bergen, a picturesque coastal city nestled on the southwestern shores of Norway. Bergen, the country’s second-largest city, is now abuzz with excitement as eager customers collected their brand-new Fisker Oceans. (Hopefully, they had a chance to see this quick start video!) Fisker released a photo showcasing a lineup of half a dozen Fisker Ocean vehicles, all poised for their new electric vehicle owners.

Additionally, this significant milestone precedes the Fisker Ocean’s eagerly anticipated debut in central Norway, where the electric SUV will make its presence felt at Solsiden Kjøpesenter. Mark your calendars from Monday, September 25th to Thursday, October 5th for an opportunity to get up close and personal with this remarkable vehicle. Adding to the excitement in the country, Fisker recently opened its very first experience center in Norway’s capital city of Oslo.

Fisker Wrapping Up Busy Week

This week, Fisker hosted two test drive events throughout the Los Angeles area. Customers in the SoCal area eagerly awaited another opportunity to test drive the all-electric Fisker Ocean. The company scheduled test drives by appointment in the parking lot of its corporate offices. First, they conducted test drives at Fisker’s Huntington Beach location, where they held Product Vision Day. Then, test drives were offered at the company’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach.

All of this coincides with customers across the United States receiving notifications about their Oceans either setting sail across to or arriving at nearby ports. Simultaneously, other customers are securing financing, wiring funds for their vehicle purchase, signing documents, and scheduling delivery windows for their Fisker Ocean. This entire process represents new territory for Fisker, and based on the feedback we’ve received from customers, the company is actively learning, adapting, and continually making incremental improvements on a daily basis.

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Oceans ‘At Sea,’ Chicago Test Drives, and Norwegian Deliveries

  1. Greetings!
    We have a reservation for a Fisker Ocean.
    Received notification of at sea.
    Concerned about:
    1) charging: we own a Tesla Y. Have a home charger Level2. Can we use it on the Fisker? What are fast charging options on the road?
    2) music: we have Apple Music. I understand that the Ocean is not allow Apple. What options for music?
    3) maintenance and local assistance?
    Need some guidance for the items above before green light.

    1. Hey Javier, sure thing! To use your Tesla Wall Connector, grab a J1772 adapter. We did the same and went for one from Lectron. Check out our experience moving from a Tesla Wall Connector to a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger in this article.

      For tunes, Bluetooth is your friend. Pair up your phone, and you’re good to go with Apple Music or any media you fancy. The Fisker Ocean has got you covered with iHeart Radio (our fave), Spotify, TuneIn, and more.

      And maintenance? Depending on your location, Fisker’s got mobile service techs who’ll come to you when your OCean needs some TLC.

  2. Thank you for the response.
    Mobile techs in winter park Florida?
    Fisker Ocean vs. KIA ev6.
    Watched the video.
    Need a final push to get the Ocean.
    Concerned over first production car plus EV anxiety. We would have all electric cars at home. May sell ICE 2018 jeep

What are your thoughts?