Fisker Ocean: The Future of Over-The-Air Software Updates

Fisker drives into the future with over-the-air software updates bringing new bug fixes, enhancements, and exciting features to the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean with Blue Planet exterior at San Clemente owner meetup.
Fisker Ocean with Blue Planet exterior at San Clemente owner meetup.

Today, Fisker announced that it would start sending over-the-air (OTA) software updates to customers who purchased a Fisker Ocean. The company will implement its strategy of providing customers with frequent over-the-air software updates for the internet-connected electric SUV by adding or upgrading new features in the coming weeks. In fact, Fisker plans two updates in the coming weeks. For instance, the first OTA software update for the Fisker Ocean will address areas of customer feedback. It will deliver general bug fixes, enhance the drivetrain, and improve 12-volt battery performance, along with fine-tuning several other areas. This update can’t come soon enough and we are super excited for it!

More OTA Software Updates Coming

The software in the Fisker Ocean will continue to improve over the life of the vehicle using OTA updates. For example, there is a second OTA update planned in the coming weeks with many highly anticipated features. This software update will give Fisker customers a new feature of analytics for the SolarSky roof. Owners will be able to use this new software feature available on the central touchscreen in their Fisker Ocean. It will allow them to easily track live and historical solar analytics. They will view up-to-date solar gain totals and averages from the past day, week, month, year, or lifetime in both watt-hours and miles/km gained. This is one feature we can’t wait for after our road trip to Palm Springs in the hot sun!

Furthermore, there will be a software update for trip stats to enable owners to stay in the know about how much distance they’ve covered in their Fisker Ocean. They will view their current trip, trip meter, and distance since their last charge. Furthermore, they can dive deeper with the energy metrics for any of those drives. This feature was specifically requested at Fisker’s first company-led owner meetup at The Grove a couple months ago. That goes to show the company is moving quickly with software improvements.

Lastly, Fisker will offer owners the ability to monitor energy consumption. Owners will be able to track and compare their recent driving metrics with other Fisker Ocean drivers. Additionally, they will be able to view their vehicle’s expected energy usage. This feature has been designed to help energy-minded drivers understand how their driving impacts battery consumption so they can learn better driving habits and improve range. Maybe this update coincides with Fisker latest contest, “Fisker Ocean Max Range Challenge“.

Fisker’s Vision for the Future of Internet-Connected Fisker Vehicles

Henrik Fisker talked about 21st-century vehicles evolving into advanced computing platforms. He stressed the need for regular software updates for continual enhancements. Fisker has a team of software engineers improving the Fisker Ocean’s software. They promise a seamless OTA strategy, using customer feedback for swift improvements.

Fisker is committed to delivering evolving experiences, not just electric vehicles. The Fisker Ocean will improve over time. In the changing automotive industry, Fisker positions itself as a driving force, implementing change through OTA software updates. The vision goes beyond cars, aiming to create a driving experience that continually adapts to the evolving needs of Fisker’s owners. And we’re excited to see what’s next!

“In the 21st century, our vehicles are more like rolling computers than the cars of the past, so we need to ensure that our customers are seeing frequent improvements and updates to software. We have a lot of software engineers at the company who are constantly working on this, and our customers can look forward to an ongoing OTA strategy that means their Fisker vehicles will be improved on a routine basis. We can also take feedback from owners and launch improvements very quickly.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean: The Future of Over-The-Air Software Updates

  1. Automobiles have been highly sophisticated rolling computers for some years now. Mr. Fisker and his Team cannot possibly be surprised by this reality.

    Fisker’s computer engineering team and suppliers need to deliver the excellence and the highest levels of quality, just as the vehicle design, the vehicle manufacturing, and the vehicle logistics engineering teams. So far it appears the computer and logistics teams are lagging the others. I hope they are a competitive bunch. They have some serious work and catching up to do. This is 2023 after all.

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