Fisker Ocean Test Drive Event Takes Denver by Storm, Order Status Update, & New Fisker Webinars

Experience a test drive of Fisker’s flagship electric SUV in Denver while gaining insights on the status of your Fisker Ocean order and the latest Fisker webinars.

Guess what’s happening in Denver? Fisker just kicked off its four-day extravaganza—the Fisker Ocean test drive event! Coloradans, it’s your chance to dive into the world of electric excitement with Fisker’s flagship SUV. The action started bright and early this morning, coffee and donuts on hand! The event is rolling on daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM until October 8th. Swing by Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 15 South Steele Street, Denver, CO 80209 (check the map, you won’t get lost). For those attending, head over to Macy’s. Then, find your way to the parking lot on Steele Street (between Ellsworth Avenue and Bayaud Avenue), and let the electric test drive begin!

You’re gonna love what’s on display! Fisker has a variety of vehicles for attendees to explore, including the ever-popular Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue, Silver Lining, and other launch colors. Although, test drive appointments are necessary, the Fisker team accommodates walk-ins when possible (don’t tell them we said this!). If you miss this event, keep an eye out for Fisker Oceans in the Denver area; some people have already reported sightings after customers taking delivery in the Rocky Mountain state. And don’t blink! More test drive events are on the horizon across the United States (East Coast, your turn might be next—stay tuned!).

Order Status Update, New Owner Webinars

Since we got our hands on the Fisker Ocean, a few things have changed. One of our friends recently got an email about his Fisker Ocean’s status. We thought it would be helpful for you to check it out! In the three videos below, Matt updates you on the order status of his Fisker Ocean One. He showcases the email that confirms its current status on a cargo ship. Then, he walks you through the next steps in his ownership process. This includes finalizing the purchase and getting ready for his vehicle’s arrival at the port. Furthermore, Matt breaks down the status codes used throughout the ordering process. He also talks about his expected delivery date in the third or fourth week of October. Lastly, he dives into more details about the webinars we mentioned earlier this week. We hope you enjoy these videos!!

Order Status Update for Fisker Ocean

Order Status: At Port

Fisker Ocean Webinars

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Test Drive Event Takes Denver by Storm, Order Status Update, & New Fisker Webinars

  1. Denver test drive validated my decision to reserve in 2021 and order in 2022 my Fisker Ocean One. I even got to see one with the color, wheels and interior that mine will have, thanks to a new owner who brought his to the event.

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