Fisker Ocean Reviews Are In: What the Experts Are Saying About This Electric SUV

A roundup of in-depth Fisker Ocean reviews and impressions from professional automotive journalists and influencers.

Fisker Ocean during the journalist drive experience (Vienna, Austria).
Fisker Ocean during the journalist drive experience (Vienna, Austria).

Today marks the long-awaited day for many of us, including Fisker skeptics, as we witness professional automotive journalists and influencers posting in-depth reviews of the Fisker Ocean online. This marks the first time these journalists have had the opportunity to test out a production Fisker Ocean Extreme. We’ve read and listened to every review so far and share each of them with you below.

About two weeks ago, Henrik Fisker officially announced that Fisker would be conducting journalist drives in Europe for two weeks. The company had invited journalists and influencers to take the Fisker Ocean for a spin and put it through its paces. Since then, we have taken delivery of our Fisker Ocean One and have been waiting with bated breath for reviews to drop. Now, we are witnessing fresh online reviews of their electric SUV surfacing on the internet.

Overall Positive Sentiment: Fisker Ocean Shows Promise for the Future

Up until now, nearly a dozen reviews have appeared online, including those from mainstream automotive publications like Car and Driver and MotorTrend. Additionally, social media automotive influencers have shared short reviews, while established YouTubers have provided in-depth reviews. We also anticipate that more reviews will come, including the one we eagerly await from Fully Charged!

The majority of professional journalists expressed a great driving experience. They reached a consensus on the stunning exterior design and thoughtful interior design. Overall, the Fisker Ocean reviews align with our first 24 hours of owning the electric SUV, depicting a remarkably positive sentiment, with the possibility of future improvements through over-the-air updates.

Editorial Reviews

Our favorite snippets from each of the newest editorial reviews highlighting the best of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

“The Fisker Ocean is not just another EV SUV. Some real thought and care has gone into its design and manufacture to make it one of the cleverest and most sustainable cars on the road.” — Auto Express

“After this initial experience, the Ocean seems to be a solid product with sound driving dynamics—a nice job for a first-iteration product from a startup. There are a few bugs that still need to be worked out, but the overall execution is impressive.” — MotorTrend

“It’s a new company, so teething problems should be expected. But so much about this car suggests that both Fisker and its manufacturer, Magna Steyr, have taken as much care with its execution as its design, which is a heartening sign.” — Autocar

“First impressions of the Fisker Ocean are very good indeed. With sustainability at its core, it’ll instantly win fans with its high quality, environmentally-friendly cabin, while the strong range, decent practicality and strong technology offering make it a usable family SUV.” — DrivingElectric

“You’d expect this electric SUV to look good, and it does. It somehow manages to look sporty but not too male… friendly, almost. Sleek but also a bit rugged. It’s a definite success from a design view, conveying all its attributes at a glance. The Magna build quality looks good, too, with pop-out door handles, sharp lighting and flush panels. Even the ‘Slipstream’ wheel design for the launch edition is winning.” — Wired

“In terms of perceived quality, the Fisker looks and feels more like the Tesla than the legacy-brand competitors, but as a cool anti-establishment family cruiser with a strong lifestyle twist, the Ocean is bound to make waves.” — Car and Driver

Video Reviews

From TikTok to YouTube, these are the latest video reviews of the Fisker Ocean to surface online.

Popular social media influencer, Forrest Jones, quickly takes on the Fisker Ocean in TikTok style fashion.

@forrestsautoreviews $69K as tested! Worth it over a Tesla Model Y? 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ #fisker #ocean #ev #electriccar #luxurycars #tesla #foryoupage #foryou ♬ Yacht Club – MusicBox

Biltesteren (The Car Tester) evaluates the entire vehicle and even Henrik Fisker joins for a ride-along interview.

Rundt om Biler (Around Cars) conducts a review of the highly awaited Fisker Ocean Extreme in Austria. He features his test drive and a comprehensive walk-around of the electric SUV.

Car maniac takes the Fisker Ocean out for a spin, identifying areas in the software that need improvement.

The Fisker Ocean undergoes test drives by the Car Crash Review. They evaluate its features and deliver a comprehensive review of the electric SUV.

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Reviews Are In: What the Experts Are Saying About This Electric SUV

  1. Would be great to have a review from Mat (Carwow). IMO one of the best reviewers around.
    Maybe if enough people contact Carwow and ask for a review it might happen.

  2. Yes I read that too but what surprises me is that the journalist hardly seems to be a car specialist as his two previous positions were “digital editor at the Financial Times and tech editor at Esquire UK” yet he seems to focus on the dynamics of the car.
    Of course he is free to write what he wants but one would think that the Fisker testing team (for example Abbie Eaton) would have detected problems like that and found a good dynamic compromise:

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