Fisker Ocean Price Changes, Ocean Ultra Gets Official EPA Estimated Range of 350 Miles

Fisker Ocean with Silver Lining exterior

Fisker shakes up pricing of its flagship Fisker Ocean electric SUV in North America, opens 2024 order book and reveals 350-mile official EPA estimated range for the Ocean Ultra trim.

Fisker Ocean cruising through the city.
Fisker Ocean cruising through the city.

Today, in a bold move to make sustainable luxury even more accessible, Fisker has just announced a significant price reduction (~11% drop) for the Ocean Extreme, the top-tier trim of their flagship all-electric SUV. This decision comes as part of Fisker’s commitment to responding to the dynamic landscape of the rapidly growing EV market. Additionally, Fisker is adjusting prices for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims on November 6th. The company has also actively opened its 2024 order book for the Fisker Ocean in all of its launch markets.

Ocean Extreme Price Drop

In both the United States and Canada, Fisker is slashing the price of the Ocean Extreme trim. US customers will see a price drop from $68,999 to an attractive $61,499. This adjustment is effective immediately, offering prospective customers a fantastic opportunity to experience the pinnacle of electric luxury. What’s more, if you’ve already ordered or purchased an Ocean Extreme, we’ve got great news for you—a $7,500 price adjustment is coming your way, even if your electric vehicle has already gone into production.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, expressed the brand’s commitment to ensuring that customers have greater access to the Ocean’s unique blend of innovation, striking design, sustainable materials, and industry-leading range. With a 113 kWh battery pack (106 kWh usable) and an impressive EPA range of 360 miles, the Fisker Ocean Extreme stands out as the electric SUV with the longest range in its class. With this new pricing, the Fisker Ocean Extreme is even more attractive.

Our friends in Canada are also in for a treat. The Ocean Extreme trim’s price is dropping from $89,999 CAD to a more accessible $79,799 CAD. And just like in the US, Canadian customers who have already ordered or purchased the Ocean Extreme will enjoy a $10,200 CAD price adjustment, even if their vehicle is already in production.

Ocean Ultra and Sport Price Increase; Ultra Gets Official EPA Estimated Range

Looking ahead, Fisker is opening its order book for all 2024 Fisker Ocean trim levels, including the Ultra and Sport models, with adjusted pricing. The Ultra, known for its exceptional performance, will be priced at $52,999, up from $49,999, while the Sport will be priced at $38,999, up from $37,499. This means that prices will increase for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims by $3,000 and $1,500 respective. These new prices will take effect on November 6th, 2023.

The company also shared news around the official EPA estimated range of the Fisker Ocean Ultra trim. Apparently, Fisker has surpassed expectations, achieving an official EPA estimated range of 350 miles, exceeding Fisker’s initial estimates. On the other hand, the Sport, now has an updated estimated range of 231 miles, down from 250 miles, which uses a different battery chemistry optimized for affordability.

For both US and Canadian customers, it’s essential to note that Fisker will be adjusting the pricing for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trim levels on November 6th, 2023. That means for customers sitting on the fence, now’s the time to place your order for an Ultra or Sport trim before prices go up. If you’re eyeing these models, make sure to secure your order before this date to benefit from the current pricing.

“We are very confident in the continued demand for the Ocean and we expect the Sport and Ultra models to be the highest sellers starting in 2024. We expect our overall margins will be unaffected because higher Sport and Ultra pricing, combined with our cost-reduction initiatives and lower input prices, will support the anticipated trajectory of our profits.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Fisker Ocean Pricing

Here is what the old and new pricing looks like side-by-side with percentage change for each Fisker Ocean trim in the United States. All Fisker Ocean pricing adjustments for North America are now reflected on Fisker’s website.

Fisker Ocean TrimOld PricingNew Pricing% Change
Table showing the old and new pricing for the Fisker Ocean in the United States.

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30 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Price Changes, Ocean Ultra Gets Official EPA Estimated Range of 350 Miles

  1. That’s not good news for all the customers that bought the ocean one in supporting the Fisker brand!!
    I’ve not had my car yet and it’s now worth 10% less!!!

  2. Agree with the comments above that this is a crappy deal for Fisker Ocean One reservation holders and I also don’t have my car yet.

  3. I am curious on your thoughts Sean. How do you feel as a newer Fisker Ocean One owner about the $7,500 Extreme price reduction? I realize both vehicles have different features and some of the Ocean One features are yet to be fully functional.

  4. I turned my $250 Ultra deposit into a confirmed order a while back, then Fisker wanted another $1000. I declined because I wanted to test drive first, service & support concerns, among other things. I’m not even sure what my status or cost is right now but I’m sure not paying an increase when Tesla keeps lowering prices with “LEASE” deals!!

  5. I just hope when it comes to the uk tlthat we don’t get ripped off on prices as seem usual for all foreign imported vehicles.

    1. You’re in luck John! Fisker Oceans are already being sold and delivered in the U.K. market. Several members on Fiskerati Forums have already shared photos of their Fisker Oceans and love them!!

  6. I am having difficulty placing my order for the Ultra model I reserved a year and few month ago, the chat is non responsive and useless, any one got similar problems? And solution?

  7. Fisker is setting out to create more desirable vehicles and a more meaningful owner experience than the past/current EV standard-bearer. Fisker has nothing to be ashamed of with their pricing. Fisker is now subsidizing what Uncle Sam pays, mostly to the benefit of that current standard-bearer…$7500 (on the top trim).

    William and Lee — Price communicates quality & desirability. And, my guess is that most Ocean ONE buyers are buying not just a beautiful tool to help them live life, but also the joy and satisfaction of being the first to own a new automobile brand. I suspect these Fisker Ocean ONE owners will keep these vehicles in the family for decades to come…a kind of heirloom. Imagine being one of the first 5000 to own, say, a Benz. It’s a new era and these ONE owners will always be owners of the first…the ONE.

    If Fisker does as they are setting out to do, the desirability of the Fisker brand will certainly exceed that of the current standard-bearer. And Fisker prices ought to carefully reflect that.

  8. Sean, it would have been a good idea in regards to negative publicity to have announced the ‘unique package’ for the FOO customers at the time of the press release regarding the reduced price of the extreme?

  9. Hi Tim,

    I completely agree with the sustainability that comes with the Fisker brand and it was my main reason for the purchase of first ever new car.
    Unfortunately a EV car does have a shelf life due to the batteries, so regarding keeping in the family for years to come sounds lovely but maybe not that practical.
    It’s not in my interests to be negative regarding the Fisker brand, I have ordered a FOO and have shares in the company but this feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth for the 5000 customers that supported the brand without even seeing a car.

  10. I’m feeling the kick in the mouth right now!
    I placed my FOO order back when they had first started taking orders. This was right after they finished the clay shaping of the design. I haven’t even heard from them, after paying the additional $5,000.00 deposit, until two weeks ago. I can’t get past the delivery window of between Oct 31st and Nov 3rd. I’m away until the 7th. Will not allow me to change the window therefore it won’t allow me to move forward with downloading drivers license and insurance. Lot of problem getting past my trade in as well.

  11. Canadians were never able to convert reservations like the u.s. last summer. We’ve been long term reservation holders too and fisker will open up all trims to be ordered on Nov 6 with new pricing. Current pricing only till Nov 5th on completed.orders. Canadians can’t complete their orders!!! We are forced to suck up a price increase because we’ve been patient?? I’m seriously not impressed at all.

  12. Lee. There will be those who find a way preserve their investment in the Ocean ONE (for generations). Batteries are replaceable. For foll folks who can’t place an order in Canada to beat the price increase on certain trims, need access to complete their orders. I don’t own a ONE, but I believe most received the earlier version of the Uncle Sam $7500 credit.

    My guess is that you and your family will be thrilled you made the purchase and are among the few, among the every first!

  13. I’d walk away from it, you’re putting bad money against more bad money. Anyone can buy an Extreme spec’d as a One now for much less, on top of that you pay less in sales tax and other fees that are associated with a price of a vehicle. For those that bought a One, paid sales tax on $70k+ but got a credit (if it applied to them not everyone can get the credit), still paid more than an Extreme owner with the same vehicle. Absolutely nothing is unique about the One, they allowed the same options in lower trim levels thereby eliminating any “special features”

  14. Lee. You’re one of what I call “The Originals”. There are only 5000 across the globe. I would think that’s pretty cool. The rest of us are followers. Enjoy the ride.

  15. Lee. I’m sure you understand the world we live in today. The Internet is teeming with anonymous people sharing their thoughts, trying desperately to sway people with their “hidden” agendas. I don’t know John. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. Certainly you do know that there are those who desperately want to see Fisker fail. I am not one of those people. John? Perhaps.

    While I want to see Fisker enjoy great success, I am not blind to the frustrations that Fisker’s software/computer Team has caused. They need to get their 💩 together… yesterday! The logistics and customer engagement teams also need to pull their heads out of their 🫏es and understand the critical nature of their work.

    I don’t have a crystal ball. But from what I can tell, Fisker and Magna have built a high quality moving vehicle. We all know it’s beautiful. The question is…do you trust Team Fisker to upgrade the software/systems and do you trust the customer engagement and logistics folks will “see the light”?

    You have the opportunity to be one of The Originals. If that’s too uncomfortable, then be swayed by “logic” like John’s. If you can live with some cold feet, you might like to see it through. It’s up to you. You have the freedom of choice.

    Happy trails!

  16. logistics and engagmenet teams are completey invisible and useless. I have paid for and insured my Ocean One for 10 days already and they have failed to deliver on 2 separate occasions and never even gave notice delivery was not going to happen. The status of my ocean one has gone from at Facility to “Place My Order” and “Lock in Production”. I have sending emails to my Fisker Vehicle Administer, Vehicle Delivery and sending emails from Corporate web site via the contact link. HAs been over a week and not a single response, zero. Using the Chat box is useless as they simply say they will send an email to those same depts. I have read through other threads and it appears that others are having the same issue. This is not a way to start off as a new car company dedicated to the customer experience. Maybe they should put the brakes on introducing and rolling out other vehicles and focus on delivering the ones that have been already manufactured.

  17. After a lot of thought I went ahead and paid my final invoice today, just had a phone call from team at Fisker (which to be fair have been very good in keeping me updated) to tell me there is a problem with the car and they need to fly someone in from Magna to sort the problem out!! Should have collected friday but now have no idea when I will recived the car 🙁 I have also insured the car and paying for a hire car due to selling my car to make way for the Fisker! Sad,sad,sad

  18. FISKER Ocean One owners are very fortunate to have the very first limited addition models. They also did not have to pay extra for upgrades like color wheels and interior apolstry upgrade. I like the Blue brake calipers too. Wish I had ordered an Ocean One, I would be glad to take a One reservation Have! it would be incredible to have! HAVE A NICE DAY TODAY FISKER PEOPLE

  19. Fisker as just sent an email to FOO customers telling them of their unique package! I personally think it’s pretty special and it shows Fisker is listening to their customers. It may have been better to have announced at the same time of the reduction of the extreme. For me the announcement of the deal for FOO customers as given me regained trust in the brand. Well done team Fisker 😊

What are your thoughts?