Fisker Ocean Owners Unite: Coast-to-Coast Meetups Coming Your Way

Join us for a nationwide gathering of Fisker Ocean owners at meetups from coast to coast, where you can display your Ocean or simply indulge in engaging conversations with fellow owners.

Previous Fisker Ocean owner meetup in Los Altos, CA (November 2023).
Fisker Ocean owner meetup in Los Altos, CA (November 2023).

Today, we have exciting news for the Fisker Ocean community. Get ready for highly anticipated Fisker Ocean owner meetups. Owners are about to make waves from coast to coast across the entire United States! On Saturday, January 20th, 2024, both current and future Fisker Ocean owners are invited to attend locally hosted meetups. Get ready for an extraordinary Fisker EV experience!

With 13 meetups already scheduled in the New Year, Fisker Ocean enthusiasts are in for a treat. The locations span the country, ensuring that there’s a gathering near you. But the good news doesn’t stop there – if you’re eager to host an event in your area, we’re more than happy to add additional locations to the roster. Simply email [email protected].

Meet Local Fisker Ocean Owners

Fisker Ocean owner meetup at Tustin Marketplace (November 2023).
Fisker Ocean owner meetup at Tustin Marketplace (November 2023).

What’s in store for you at these electrifying gatherings? Like previous Fisker Ocean owner meetups, imagine a breathtaking scene—countless Fisker Ocean electric SUVs, each sporting a unique exterior color, lined up side by side, glistening under the sun. Owners engage in lively exchanges, sharing stories and experiences, creating a vibrant atmosphere resonating with the hum of excitement. Whether you’re a proud Fisker Ocean owner or eagerly anticipating the arrival of your own electric SUV, mark your calendar because this is an event you won’t want to miss.

To sweeten the deal, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring each meetup by supplying refreshments to keep the conversations flowing. Coffee, donuts, and bagels will be on hand while supplies last, ensuring that you stay energized and engaged throughout the morning.

Meetups Coast to Coast

Here’s a glimpse of the initial meetup locations on January 20th, 2024:

  1. San Diego, CA (RSVP)
  2. Los Altos, CA (RSVP)
  3. Portland, OR (RSVP)
  4. Seattle, WA (RSVP)
  5. Las Vegas, NV (RSVP)
  6. Denver/Boulder, CO (RSVP)
  7. Houston, TX (RSVP)
  8. Orlando, FL (RSVP)
  9. Tampa Bay, FL (RSVP)
  10. Atlanta, GA (RSVP)
  11. Raleigh, NC (RSVP)
  12. Tysons Corner, VA (RSVP)
  13. Trenton, NJ (RSVP)

Mark your calendars, RSVP for the location nearest you, and get ready to be a part of an unforgettable day. Whether you’re showcasing your own Ocean or striking up engaging conversations with fellow enthusiasts, these meetups promise to fun! Stay tuned for updates, additional locations, and more surprises as we gear up for a coast-to-coast celebration of all things Fisker Ocean. Please help spread the word by hitting the share button!

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10 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Owners Unite: Coast-to-Coast Meetups Coming Your Way

  1. Sean. I’m not an owner of a Fisker Ocean. As you know, I have posted some comments here on Fiskerati — quite a few lately. There has been a storm raging the last several weeks. I’m pulling for this company. I try to imagine myself and my wife behind a Fisker, Inc PEAR someday, attending a local meetup. Sometimes, however, it seems important issues are being overlooked or ignored (such as the accounting issue/delay, etc.). I do, in all sincerity, wonder what you and the other Ocean owners are feeling about Fisker’s ability to right the ship, and pass through this early storm. Because without some reassurance, even putting a relatively small deposit down for a PEAR doesn’t make a great deal of sense.


    1. Tim, this comment is unrelated to the blog post and more suitable for the forum. It’s understandable that you’re keeping a close eye on things, especially with recent developments. It’s wise to consider all aspects, including those important issues you mentioned. As for the sentiments among Ocean owners, everyone’s got their own take on it as you can see in the forums. Some may be cautiously optimistic, while others might have concerns. At this time, we lack clarity on the matter due to little to no information released by Fisker at the moment. We simply need to wait for the 10Q to be filed. Until then, we sit and wait.

  2. I’m in the same boat Tim. I cancelled my reservation in June and bought a Tesla instead. I am a stock holder and just like most people here have lost most of my investment. I do think Fisker could be a great car brand and has potential but only if we start seeing some concrete improvements and deliveries. I’m seriously considering selling my stock at least to have some pocket money left, lol

  3. It sounds like a nice idea to meet up with other Fisker owners. But I wonder how much time we would spend listening to one another vent our frustrations with a lot of “What the heck is going on with this company?” being tossed around, then leave feeling deflated. At this point I’d just like to meet and speak with someone with a pulse who works at Fisker and can legitimately help owners.

    1. Our experience has been the complete opposite after attending five meetups. It’s been a blast connecting with folks in the community and gaining valuable insights from them. Why not give it a shot yourself and attend the nearest meetup?

      1. Thanks Sean. I can see it as being valuable to get to meet fellow Fisker enthusiasts and a way to learn from one another. Any chance of a meet up in the Albany, NY area? Or Vermont?

        1. No one has stepped up to host a meetup in those areas. Happy to add one if you want to be the host. Just identify a good spot with a spacious parking lot, refreshments, and clean restrooms (e.g., Dunkin’ Starbucks, Panera, etc.). Shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll go from there!

          1. Okay, thanks Sean. I’ll give it some thought and consider where and when to host. Maybe a later (warmer) date in the northeast would work for me and my work schedule. Is there anything specific that happens at these meetups, like touring scenic roads? Or is it more of a meet and greet with fellow owners? I wonder if it’s possible to get a representative from Fisker to attend these meetups. Or even Henrik himself. Half joking, but my vehicle admin assured me I’d be getting a HF signed edition of my One – turns out it was delivered without it. Just thinking it would be an opportunity for them to make good on that – and of course, get to speak with the CEO himself.

          2. The meetups are a blank canvas, shaped by your preferences. Right now, they lean towards lively conversations. Perhaps, in the future come summertime, we could embark on scenic drives as a group. The possibilities are wide open Mark!

  4. Sean. True. My comment is not 100% related to the post, but it is related. The meetup is two months away. As of now, buyers, investors, reservation holders, Fisker Inc stakeholders can’t even determine if Fisker Inc will be a going concern two months from now. Its collapse in the market has been pretty monumental.

    Arthur. One of the things that’s so disturbing and frustrating about what is happening with Fisker Inc in the marketplace right now is that we want a great car AND a great car company so as NOT to purchase the vehicle and company that you did. I’m not sure Fisker Inc is fully grasping this. We want Fisker Inc to live out its promise.

What are your thoughts?