Fisker Ocean Owner’s Top 3 Features

After owning his Fisker Ocean for nearly two weeks and driving 220 miles, one Fisker Ocean owner shares his top three favorite features.

Fisker Ocean California Mode
Fisker Ocean in California Mode.

Today, a lot of Fisker customers are locking in their Fisker Ocean for production. In fact, we have received over a dozen emails and messages across social media with customers sharing their excitement. We have to admit, it is pretty exciting to make your final configuration and submit your order. Fisker is even making the decision a bit easier if you want 22″ wheels or upgrade your trim from an Ocean Sport or Ultra to an Extreme. While you may have just locked in your Ocean or are thinking about it, we wanted to share the top three favorite features of one Fisker Ocean customer who has put 220 miles on their electric SUV over the past two weeks.

Top 3 Favorite Features

Yes, we’re discussing the owner of the Fisker Ocean One who received the delivery in Copenhagen 11 days ago. If you watched All-Things Fisker: Episode 29 this week, you know we caught up with Daniel Simonsen to get a quick update. After writing an article about his first and second review posted to YouTube, we wanted to provide a quick follow-up. Since he’s had the Fisker Ocean Ocean for nearly two weeks, we asked him about his favorite features. This gives us something exciting to look forward to while we wait for our Fisker Ocean to be delivered.

#1 – Fisker Pulse Audio System

Firstly, Daniel adores the speaker system, which is his favorite feature. If you aren’t familiar with the sound system on the Fisker Ocean One/Extreme, it will surely pack a punch for hi-fi enthusiasts. The Fisker Pulse system immerses the driver and passengers in a glorious sea of 360° sound, boasting 575 watts of power, 15 speakers, a 19L subwoofer enclosure, and one of the most effective 6-speaker dashboard arrays of its kind. When we heard the sound system in Graz, Austria streaming Hotel California, it felt like the front row of The Eagles concert, and Don Henley was singing right to us. It’s no wonder this is one of Daniel’s favorite features.

#2 – California Mode

Secondly, Daniel ranks California Mode as one of his top three favorite features. He has been thoroughly enjoying cruising in Denmark with all the windows down. According to him, the weather in Denmark is perfect for California Mode at the moment. When you activate it, California Mode opens the front windows, both rear-seat windows, both rear Doggie windows, the Rear Lift Gate Window, and the SolarSky roof simultaneously. This feature provides a convertible-like feel without requiring actual ownership of a convertible. It leverages one of the largest sunroofs available in an electric SUV on the market. We can’t wait to experience this feature during our Ocean One cruising!

#3 – Digital Rear View Mirror Camera

Lastly, Daniel really likes the Fisker Ocean’s digital rear mirror camera. The digital interior rear-view mirror functions like a traditional rear-view mirror, reflecting what’s behind you. When you flip a switch, it activates a digital display from the wide-angle HD camera tucked under the rear spoiler. This digital rear-view mirror and HD camera offer a wider field of vision than a standard mirror, providing a completely unobstructed rear view. The rear spoiler on the Fisker Ocean protects the wide-angle HD camera from the elements. Fisker says it enhances clarity during night driving and eliminates headlights behind you reflecting into your eyes. We’ve never owned a vehicle with a digital rear view mirror camera and we look forward to seeing it in action.

Bonus – 360-Degree Camera

Daniel shared that the Fisker Ocean’s 360-degree camera is another favorite feature. He mentioned that the 360 camera helped him park the other day without scratching his 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels. The 360-degree camera system uses surround-view cameras positioned on the front, rear, driver, and passenger side of the vehicle. If the 360-degree camera helps prevent our beautiful 22″ wheels from curb rash or saves our bumpers from tapping into something when parking, we’ll have to agree that this feature should be on the list.

What’s Next? You Decide!

As Fisker Ocean customers eagerly await their deliveries, this should give them a taste of the excitement and joy that lies ahead. Knowing what features are resonating as the most fun or useful after owning the Fisker Ocean for nearly two weeks is pretty neat. Daniel informs us that he is working on a third review, which we’ll cover as soon as it is live. He requested that we ask you what you would like him to cover during his next video. Please let us know in the comments below what you would like to see in his upcoming video.

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14 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Owner’s Top 3 Features

  1. DC fast charging speed and AC level 2 charging speed at home plus solar roof charging performance.

  2. Please share the impact the solar roof has had on range. Does it maintain range, does it add range, how much, is it worth it for those not purchasing an Ocean One, etc…

    Thank you

  3. Though I received email to place an order… but felt reluctant to do so. My experience with car at Vienna fisker centre was not satisfactory.. half baked prototype which doesn’t do much.. Earlier I thought till I receive email I could have done test ride.. and will be more confident in placing order..

  4. How are folks upgrading their reservations? The website has mine locked into the Ultra. Support has not gotten back to me for 3 days.

    1. If you have paid a combined total of $1,000 (reservation + order fee), then your Fisker Ocean is locked in and sent for production. If you haven’t paid the additional order fee (either $750 or $900), consider using the website on a computer or logging into the iOS/Android app on your phone. Additionally, you can try reaching out to a Radgiver on the Fisker site during normal business hours to chat with a live human instead of waiting for an email response.

  5. I’m gonna be honest, I absolutely hate digital rearview mirrors. They force your eyes to rapidly change focus distance to something 2 feet away when you glance at them. I would only ever use it if I had a bunch of stuff in the trunk.

  6. Great write-up, Sean. You made my Sunday. I will like to know how the app works controlling the Fisker Ocean Once (FOO). How is his FOB working? Which does he prefer, FOB or App as key? Inquiry minds want to know. This is feeling more exciting. I was actually hoping that you will be the first to get the FOO in the USA, so you can do all the video review. But, I am still hopeful.

  7. I would like to know 3 things:
    -How many cm is it from the lower boot floor up to the boot opening? (I’m curious because I need to have a dog cage in the boot)
    -Does the Ocean have a functional camp mode/dog mode to keep the car cool in the summer sun while parked?
    -Does the Exped MegaMat Auto fit the Ocean? This would be awesome for camping. Measurements are listed in Expeds site: (I’m in no way whatsoever connected to Exped)

  8. As one who needs a vehicle to be a practical tool for living, I am most interested in any sense of quality and durability he can glean – fit & finish, capabilities to withstand the inevitable rough roads and potholes of everyday life, braking prowess, etc, etc. It’s a beautiful vehicle. And, I need a machine that’s built to last…while it simultaneously improves the air we breathe.

What are your thoughts?