Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Electric SUV

Fisker published the Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual, which includes a comprehensive guide to help you familiarize yourself with your electric SUV.

Illustration showing how to open the charging port on the Fisker Ocean.
Illustration showing how to open the charging port on the Fisker Ocean.

Today, Fisker published the Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual. We were amazed when we saw it first appear on the Fiskerati Forums! It provides a treasure trove of information. This comprehensive manual covers everything you would ever want to know about the electric SUV. For example, it includes everything, from charging and cleaning the exterior paint of your Fisker Ocean to activating California Mode to using the phone app and everything in between. Fisker strongly recommends that you familiarize yourself with the vehicle before you start driving. It’s nice to see this manual published ahead of the first wave of Fisker Ocean deliveries.

The Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual divides into 13 sections, making navigation easy. These sections are Introduction, Vehicle Overview, Opening & Closing, Seating & Safety Restraints, Driving & Operating, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Infotainment, High-Voltage Battery Pack & Charging, Maintenance, Tires & Wheels, Technical Data, Roadside Assistance & Emergency Information, and Consumer Information. Anyone can easily follow along with the illustrations included in the sections of the Owner’s Manual.

One thing we really enjoyed reading was the introduction in the Owner’s Manual. Henrik Fisker wrote a heartfelt message expressing his gratitude for choosing the Fisker Ocean. He says the manual will guide you through getting to know your Fisker Ocean. His team designed the electric SUV to be exciting to drive, easy to maintain, and convenient to service. He highlights how the Fisker’s commitment to design, sustainability, and innovation influences all their decisions. Then, he congratulates and welcomes you to the world of electric vehicles. Introducing what is typically a boring document that rarely receives attention, it serves as a pleasant way to engage readers.

Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual

The Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual applies to all 2023 model year vehicles. Fisker says that this guide will undergo regular updates to reflect the latest changes to the vehicle. However, it may not include descriptions of recently-released features or software updates in some cases. The Owner’s Manual is listed in 10 languages (see below). It will be available in the My Fisker app, Fisker website, and onboard your Fisker Ocean in the vehicle information section.

List of Owner’s Manuals (click on link): US English, US Spanish, UK English, Canada English, Canada French, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands

Copy of Owner’s Manual (US English)

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Owner’s Manual: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Electric SUV

  1. Well that is a tad bit annoying. About 10 months ago I emailed Fisker support and asked that even if I purchased the base Ocean without California mode, that all windows could be rolled down manually. Well looking in the manual, I see this.. “The Doggie Windows can only be opened and closed using California Mode. See California Mode (If Equipped).” My doggie won’t be happy, guess he’s relegated to the second row seats, which I was trying to avoid.

  2. Your vehicle should be given a full multi-point inspection service every six months or 6,000 miles (9,600 kilometers), whichever comes first.
    This service includes inspections and checks for the following systems:

    General check-up and diagnostic work

    Tire check, rotation, and balancing

    Washer fluid refill

    Your vehicle will also be given a road test to inspect its current driving condition (such as pedal operation, vehicle handling, and steering alignment) and to check for any abnormal operational noises.
    Sounds expensive! I don’t like that! Twice a year for me!!! My tesla 3 lr has gone 50,000 miles and will get brake service now. First service without any problems. I thought my one would need as little service. Test drive? Really? I can call them if I hear any noises. Hoped to hear when a delivery is getting close. guess 2500’s in europe is a while away.

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