Fisker Ocean Over-the-Air Software Updates Roll Out

Fisker Ocean owners are now getting over-the-air software updates for their electric SUV, and there are plenty more on the way.

Installation of over-the-air software update complete on Fisker Ocean.

Today, we are excited to report that Fisker Ocean owners are now receiving over-the-air (OTA) software updates. OTA software updates provide customers with new and updated features for their Fisker Ocean. Fisker began pushing out software updates to a test group of owners as early as the middle of last week. In fact, we received an over-the-air software update to our Fisker Ocean as part of this test group. Our Fisker Ocean now operates on version FM29 OS 1.09 and it’s been great!

Recently, Fisker began reaching out to its customers regarding upcoming software updates for the Fisker Ocean. According to their communication, customer vehicles will be getting a series of OTA software updates in batches. They mentioned that these updates will be ongoing as part of the Fisker ownership experience. These updates will be delivered wirelessly via the Fisker Ocean’s built-in cellular connection.

Once the update is ready, Fisker Ocean owners will receive a notification on their central touchscreen (as seen in the photo above). Once it pops up on the home screen, users can opt to either ‘install’ or ‘dismiss’ the software update. The notification will read: “A new update is available for your Fisker Ocean. During the update process your car will remain locked and you won’t be able to access or drive your car. Estimated installation time: 30min”.

Once the update wraps up, you’ll get a confirmation message saying: “Installation complete. Your Ocean has been updated to the latest version.” For future updates and release notes, head to the Software section in Settings on the central touchscreen. Keeping your Fisker Ocean up-to-date ensures optimal performance for your vehicle. We recommend installing the software update as soon as it becomes available.

FM29 OS 1.09 Release Notes (Current Update)

Here are the release notes for the latest version of software:

The latest OTA software update includes feature improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements to improve the functionality of your Fisker Ocean.

• Shorter time for multiple OTA updates
• California Mode consistent performance using the app
• Enhanced accuracy of state of charge (SOC) calculations
• Powertrain robustness improvements
• Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Future Software Updates

Fisker gave customers a sneak peek into upcoming OTA software updates for the Fisker Ocean. We can expect to experience some of these innovations in upcoming software updates sent wirelessly to our Fisker Oceans. These updates encompass enhancements to the central touchscreen software, introducing features like custom profiles, Bluetooth connectivity, real-time SolarSky energy graphics, trip consumption data, and more.

Additionally, improvements may extend to power consumption optimization, the introduction of one-pedal driving (yay!), and the implementation of a new ‘Power Saving Mode’ to boost battery efficiency and overall range. The commitment doesn’t stop there; Fisker plans to further refine the My Fisker app, introducing App as Key functionality and enhanced remote climate control features. Maybe we will even see some of these requested software features? Exciting times await Fisker owners on the horizon!

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22 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Over-the-Air Software Updates Roll Out

  1. After a lot of thought I went ahead and paid my final invoice today, just had a phone call from team at Fisker (which to be fair have been very good in keeping me updated) to tell me there is software problems with the car and they need to fly someone in from Magna to sort the problem out!! Should have collected friday but now have no idea when I will recived the car 🙁 I have also insured the car and paying for a hire car due to selling my car to make way for the Fisker! Sad,sad,sad

  2. There are still several questions and concerns that i hope this update and FISKER can address.

    I tried to create and account (profile) for my wife so she could use the FISKER APP and noticed that the vehicle only links one account profile at a time. This is extremely inconvenient considering my wife and I switch vehicles often. It’s not clear how to add another profile; if even possible right now.
    We ordered an additional key but it was removed. Now we only have one key and no ability to use the “phone as key” option, yet. We need a backup key for the vehicle.
    The key fob lock and unlock controls only work on ALL the doors. This is a HUGE safety issue for my wife. When she is alone and unlocks the door, it will unlock the passenger side as well. This creates a scenario where a thief or carjacking can occur.
    California mode doesn’t work with key fob. Currently will only open the roof.
    Remote sometimes will not unlock or lock vehicle unless placed near or on door handle. Sometimes car will not engage unless key is placed near the lower, left, lower dash location for key fob reader.
    Central Screen froze and was not responding. Had to perform a “RESET” to reboot the screen.

    1. Hey, When the new software update rolls out to your vehicle it will fix some of the things you mentioned. Others you mention like the key fob unlocking all doors, that would be a new feature request. You can post your feature requests in the forum.

    2. I’m experiencing many of the same problems with no response from Fisker support (other than the standard “we’re committed to assisting you and will respond in 1-3 business days”. My FOO was delivered on September 30 and still so many problems. You are not alone!

  3. Hello Jvigilia. Lucky you. I have had the car for 2 months now, and I have all the same issues, but even worse. Still running software version 06, and no help from Fisker to upgrade or fix problems yet. I have called and texted and sent e-mails many times, but nothing happens, just empty promises. Also missing floor mats and emergency kit, all paid for, but not delivered yet. Patience running out, but hey, it is still a great car (?)

  4. I know this is off topic but is anyone else having a difficult time getting any help whatsoever at Fisker? They scheduled delivery for my Ocean One without asking my availability. My vehicle admin has been completely MIA and I have no idea how to reschedule. They don’t reply to any emails. The only other way I know to connect with someone is over their chat, and no one is ever available there, even though they say between 7am – 7pm PST. When another rep called to tell me it would be arriving the following day I told them it wouldn’t work for me, to which he replied, “You can change the delivery date on the app.” I don’t see that as an option. Is there a main phone number for Fisker?

  5. Bro. They are the absolute worst about communications. Same issues with email and phone calls. They need to staff up customer service for a launch. Not just have one dude performing all calls. Kind of annoying and frustrating that a vehicle with so much promise only delivers empty promises. This doesn’t give the warm and fuzzies as a fisker shareholder – I’ve lost 66% since 2020…go figure.

  6. Mark I have the same issue. In fact now on the App and website my vehicle isn’t even listed as at Facility anymore nor does my VIN# appear. It lists next steps of Place My Order and Lock In Production. they failed to deliver on 2 separate occasions and I get no responses either.

  7. Hi Sean / Bob / Sohail; Thanks for your replies. Wow. They just delivered my vehicle and left it in the driveway without me even being there. I never approved a delivery date and wasn’t there to accept or approve. I spoke with the delivery driver afterward who can’t give me a contact number for whoever told him to make the delivery. I paid for the hitch system and it’s not even on the vehicle. No spare key that I paid for was included either. No one is available on their chat. The app never gave an option to change the delivery date. My vehicle admin doesn’t reply to emails. What the heck is going on?

    1. Wow, Mark, thanks for sharing! Send an email to your vehicle admin to let them know about the experience, the missing items, etc. and they will issue you an IOU for items not delivered. BTW, Fisker is only issuing one key fob right now. As soon as their stock/supply builds they will send out the second key fob for customers that ordered two.

  8. Thanks Sean but my vehicle admin is MIA. I’ve been trying to reach her for weeks with no reply. She is one big reason (although not the only one) why everything got so screwed up and I wasn’t able to pick a delivery date. The app also offered no way to change a delivery date. This is all very frustrating.

  9. Regarding the OTA updates, I’m wondering how safe Fisker is from being hacked by evil actors. Some serious damage and/or disabling could be done to all of the cars. As to the stock shorts, reading some of the comments here by owners may be fueling their enthusiasm. Now I’m seriously thinking of canceling my order (in production Oct. 3), selling my stock and cut my losses.

  10. I had same problems with lack of communication and horrible service. Just picked up my Ocean One yesterday, got home, and realized they registered my car to the wrong address! And I’m not heavy enough so car won’t go into drive unless I bounce around all over the drivers seat to get it to sense my weight. Plus key fob won’t unlock the doors but luckily my phone app works to unlock it. Sigh… might be regretting this purchase.

  11. Rebecca, wow ! Congrats. Hope they can solve your problem quickly. By the way other than this how do you overall like the Ocean! Is it what you expected it to be. Is it really as good as they make it to be. I am looking forward to getting mine but I am terribly concerned about their customer support. I live in Washington DC and there is not a single Ocean on the road! Not sure when they will deliver my car??

  12. How do I get the update? No message to update comes up on my screen from the Software menu option. My car was delivered on 9/30 and still no update. Hopefully I’ll eventually get it and it will help resolve the multiple problems with my vehicle

What are your thoughts?