Fisker Ocean One Will Sell Out Soon

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker invites you to ask questions as they are on their way to selling out of all 5,000 Fisker Ocean One launch editions soon.

Fisker Ocean overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Today, Fisker said they are seeing overwhelming demand for the Fisker Ocean One. The company went on to say, “We’re on our way to selling out all 5,000 launch editions soon.”

Across social media, the company invited their followers over to Instagram to ask questions about Fisker Ocean One. Fisker wants you to ask any questions you have left about the launch vehicle before placing your pre-order.

Fisker did not say how many Fisker Ocean One pre-orders have been placed. However, we know that there are at least 50 people on Fiskerati Forums that have pre-ordered Fisker Ocean One. This number is climbing each day. That is ~20% of all registered members. As we mentioned on YouTube yesterday, Fisker will likely sell out of Ocean One pre-orders this week or next week.

As Fisker moves through the reservation queue, they will find more people that don’t want to wait for the Ocean Extreme. We know a lot of people wanting to fast track their Fisker Ocean purchase. We’ve actually seen some people wanting to purchase other people’s spot in the reservation queue. They will gladly pony up $5,000 today to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One now.

Fisker will send out more pre-order invite emails this week. There are more than 50,000 Fisker Ocean reservations placed to date. Fisker is currently around 32,000 in the reservation queue. On Friday, the company contacted ~12,000 Fisker Ocean reservation holders. Soon Fisker will contact the next wave of Fisker Ocean reservation holders. This will be people who reserved Fisker Ocean from March 2022 onwards.

Questions and Answers about Fisker Ocean One

We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that have been posted at the time this article was published. You can check this Instagram post for the latest Q&A.

When will the final payments be due?Closer to delivery.
Any chance on still getting the ocean one?Make sure to log in to your Fisker account to see if an invite pops up. Just in case the email ends up in your spam folder.
Is there a tow hitch on the Ocean One?Available as an option with a tow capacity of 4,000 lbs. (1,815 kg). You will be able to select all options for your Fisker Ocean One pre-order at a later stage.
When reserving initially, I was told that leasing other trims was a possibility. Does Fisker know about how much the lease amounts would be for trims other than the sport?All remaining details on Fisker Flexee Lease will follow as we approach start-of-production.
What is the starting lease price of the Extreme?All details will follow.
Do all the Fisker Ocean One’s cost the full price at 68,000?Base price of the Ocean One is $68,999.
Any chance on still getting the Ocean One?Invitations will be extended to the next group of reservation holders after three days. The pre-order opportunity will end immediately upon pre-orders of the Fisker Ocean One reaching 5,000. So it depends on how the already invited reservation holders decide.

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  1. This is why I am hesitant to purchase the One. There were 7 questions and only 2 answers. No wonder i was over 42000 in line and still got an invitation to pre order.

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