Fisker Ocean One: Deliveries Set to Skyrocket

Henrik Fisker showcases the Magna Steyr factory, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation of Fisker Ocean Ones for customer deliveries.

Fisker Ocean Ones getting ready for customer deliveries.

Today, Henrik Fisker showcased a staging area at Magna Steyr, where Fisker Ocean Ones were packed and being prepared for delivery. As he toured the factory this morning, he shared a video clip from a different viewpoint. It appears over 25 electric SUVs were being readied for customer deliveries. The photo displayed fully assembled Fisker Ocean Ones in one of several factory areas where wheels are aligned and ADAS (FI-Pilot) is calibrated.

Henrik actively engaged with numerous individuals on social media today. He confirmed the resolution of Fisker’s supplier issue, which was mentioned in the latest earnings call. Furthermore, he announced that European deliveries by Fisker would begin on Monday, June 12th. US deliveries will follow the week of Monday, June 19th. (One of the photos even showed off a Fisker Ocean One with a Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels. Could it be our Fisker Ocean!?)

Production at Magna Steyr is in full swing as Fisker’s partner actively produces Ocean Ones, the limited edition launch vehicle. Based on the photos and videos we have seen, we anticipate a minimum of 100 Ocean deliveries within the next 30 to 45 days. This number is expected to increase rapidly. Fisker aims to achieve a monthly production rate of approximately 6,000 vehicles sometime between July through September (Q3 2023).

Yesterday, Fisker announced receiving EPA approval to sell the Fisker Ocean Extreme/One in the United States. Consequently, the company is now rapidly manufacturing Fisker Oceans for customers. The company’s goal is to produce 1,400 to 1,700 vehicles by the end of the month, provided their suppliers meet their obligations. Fisker forecasts the production of 32,000 to 36,000 electric SUVs in calendar year 2023.

Henrik Responds…

Henrik Fisker, amidst his busy day, takes time to respond to a few questions, and here is what grabbed our attention.

Henrik’s Determined Response to Short Sellers

Fisker’s stock has underperformed the broader market this week after announcing EPA range approval and upcoming volume deliveries. As the stock market has shown positive gains for two consecutive days, people asked Henrik if the Fisker Board of Directors would consider making purchases to counter short sellers. Henrik responded, “There was an attack yesterday, but it didn’t work out! We are not giving up, got an amazing team that developed and amazing car with class leading range & features! lots of orders and are starting to deliver in volume, EU a little earlier!” Currently, Fisker stock trades at $6.17 per share, reflecting an increase of +0.03 (+0.49%) on the day.

Henrik Fisker’s Hands-On Approach

Then, someone asked Henrik about his activities at Magna Steyr when he is present at the factory. He responded by saying that he personally checks the quality of each Fisker Ocean. Henrik says he engages in discussions with the manufacturing team to identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency. He also meets with suppliers to enhance their processes and ensure timely delivery of parts. Additionally, he collaborates with Fisker engineers to explore ways to enhance specific areas. He went on to share that he plans the weekly production ramp, monitors the progress of suppliers, and assesses how quickly the assembly line can operate as the manufacturing workers refine their skills. Furthermore, just like this morning, Henrik said that he walks along the production line and greets the hardworking individuals building cars, saying ‘Guten Morgen!’ (Good Morning!).”

Why We’re Excited!

If you have reserved or pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean, we hope you are just as excited as we are! (You can read more about it by clicking here).

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  1. What will counter the short sellers? Not comments from HF, not social media blather, but real-world SUCCESS! Production ramp-up, satisfied customers, good automotive press, and the shorts will have no place to hide!

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