Fisker Ocean One Cruises Into Texas

Fisker customer shares insights from their electric delivery as the first Fisker Ocean SUV arrives in the Lone Star State.

Fisker Ocean One arrives in Dallas, TX.
Fisker Ocean One arrives in Dallas, TX.

Today, excitement is building as Fisker Ocean Ones make their way to eager customers in Texas. Believe it or not, the first Fisker Ocean just arrived in Texas moments ago! This marks a milestone in the Lone Star State’s journey towards sustainable and stylish electric vehicles. The Fisker distribution center in Shreveport, LA, has emerged as a key player in this delivery process. It is strategically positioned to efficiently serve major Texan cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

Customer Insights and the Delivery Experience

Fisker Ocean One bound for Dallas, Texas.
Fisker Ocean One bound for Dallas, Texas.

As this electric SUVs embarked on its final leg of the journey, a lone transport vehicle loaded with the brand new Fisker Ocean One traversed the region. It brings the promise of eco-friendly driving to its new owner. A fortunate customer generously shared insights into their delivery experience. They received not only the excitement of anticipation but also a comprehensive package of information. From the origin report to the destination report, and even a visual feast of detailed photos. This particular Fisker transporter provided a transparent and satisfying customer experience.

Check out the photos shot this morning in the gallery below. They feature this Fisker Ocean One at the Adesa facility near the Texas border. The electric SUV steals the spotlight with its breathtaking presence, bathed with a striking Big Sur Blue exterior. Inside, the MaliBlu interior harmonizes perfectly with the remarkable 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels, ensuring a blend of elegance and performance. As a backdrop, a lineup of Fisker Oceans eagerly awaits their moment. In fact, we were told about 20 Fisker Oceans are queued up for delivery. They display a vibrant array of colors like Big Sur Blue, Mariana, and Horizon Gray among others.

As the wheels of progress turn, Fisker Ocean Ones are not merely electric vehicles. They are symbols of a sustainable and stylish future, rolling into the hearts and driveways of Texans. Fisker’s journey in the Lone Star State begins as the first deliveries set waves in motion. It goes to show that electric mobility can indeed be a seamless blend of great design, performance, and environmental consciousness. The roads are about to get a lot more electrifying in the great state of Texas.

“Finally, touch down in Texas. Our Bisby just made it home after a long painful wait. I never [got] a chance to test drive and I am a bit overwhelmed right now. It looks awesome, much better in person. BSB exterior sheen and MaliBlu interior look much better than the prototype vehicle we saw in Dallas, November 2022. Initial impressions are beyond my expectations. It was a very rough emotional journey. Now the wait is over, like everyone said, it’s worth the wait.”

Proud Fisker Ocean Owner, Sequence #47XX, Dallas, TX

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7 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean One Cruises Into Texas

  1. Congratulations to the new owner, but I took this highly coveted crown on October 1st when my white FOO was delivered in Dallas.

  2. That’s exciting news Mike. I’m watching this process unfold with the “First 5000”. I hope your experience was an excellent One. There needs to be an urgency on Team Fisker’s part to deliver an excellent experience for ALL customers (present and future). 5000 vehicles is a drop in the Ocean compared to the aspirations of this company.

    Craig. The average price of a vehicle in America is over $48,000. And these EVs are above average vehicles. Americans can already afford them. It’s a matter of making the CHOICE as society and time go forward.

  3. Hopefully you have’t had all the issues with your new fisker as I have been reading about… it would seem all the glitches and issues should be worked out before they deliver them, and not after.

  4. Mine was due last week – I’m hoping the delivery happens this week… call me Anxious in South Carolina

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