Fisker Ocean Makes Way to Rocky Mountain Region

From the Mile High City back to Southern California, the Fisker Ocean is making waves as it moves to the Midwest.

Fisker Ocean One nearby Denver, CO at St. Vrain State Park.
Fisker Ocean One nearby Denver, CO at St. Vrain State Park.

Today, new Fisker Ocean owners are actively sharing their experiences with us as they take delivery of their electric SUVs all across the United States. Just moments ago, we chatted with a Fisker customer who lives just outside of Denver. This marks the first time we’ve received reports of a Fisker Ocean making its way through the majestic Rocky Mountains. It could very well be the first arrival of a Fisker Ocean in the Mile High City. As Fisker accelerates its delivery operations, we anticipate an increasing number of reports regarding electric SUVs reaching the Midwest.

The Fisker customer near Denver enthusiastically informed us that he received his Fisker Ocean on Sunday. He added that his Fisker Ocean, with a Silver Lining exterior and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels, has been fantastic. However, there was one very interesting detail he shared, which caught us by surprise. Notably, he pointed out a unique detail from his window sticker. It indicated the Port of Entry as the Port of San Diego. This is a new revelation for us. It means we better keep our eyes wide open for car haulers in the area, transporting Oceans from America’s Finest City to their final destinations!

Stunning Photos of Ocean by the Ocean

We return from Denver to the birthplace of the Fisker Ocean in Southern California. In Southern California, we present some of the most breathtaking photos we’ve encountered. The Fisker Ocean against the backdrop of Southern California’s coastline in Malibu is awe-inspiring. Its striking appearance commands attention as it sports a Big Sur Blue exterior, Sea Salt interior, and prominently features 24″ C115 forged wheels offered by CEC Wheels. We’ve seen these wheels in-person in the parking lot of Fisker’s Product Vision Day, and they look impressive!

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10 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Makes Way to Rocky Mountain Region

  1. Have vehicles delivered to a port closer to the final destination will certainly reduce the truck transport charges. I’ve not sure that there would be any savings on the vessel friend terminal charge, since San Diego is a much smaller port than farther up the coast.

    I may be spending more time visiting San Diego in the coming months. 🙂

  2. My delivery date is now “as soon as” October 5, and I have had email and phone correspondence with Serena, my coordinator. Hoping to be the third (or more) Fisker in Colorado very soon!!

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