Fisker Ocean Delivery Blitz: Accelerating Towards 300 Vehicles Daily

Fisker hitting its stride with Fisker Ocean deliveries as the company expands its toll-free customer support hotline.

New owners taking delivery of their Fisker Ocean in SoCal (La Palma, CA).
New owners taking delivery of their Fisker Ocean in SoCal (La Palma, CA).

Today, we explored a dozen social media sites, forums, and groups across the internet to gauge progress of Fisker Ocean deliveries. We observed over 100 individuals sharing moments of receiving their brand new Fisker electric SUV in the past week. Customers have documented deliveries all throughout the United States and Europe. We’re hopeful Canadians will soon be sharing their Ocean photos too. This marks the highest number we’ve seen in such a short timeframe.

Certainly, not every customer who gets their hands on a Fisker Ocean will take to the internet to share their experience. The online photos featuring proud Fisker Ocean owners constitute just a fraction of the total deliveries. Remember that, as of the end of September, Fisker announced plans to scale up deliveries to 300 vehicles per day later this year, addressing the strong demand for the Fisker Ocean. If we were to make an educated guess, it seems the company is making significant strides toward reaching this daily delivery goal.

It’s evident that Fisker Ocean deliveries are in full swing. Furthermore, Fisker seems to share this sentiment as well. The company recently captured photos of several Fisker Oceans in front of their La Palma facility awaiting their new owners. The company shared these photos on social media earlier this morning. Fisker stated, “Deliveries are on the move, and our Fisker Fam is growing strong!” This statement couldn’t be more accurate and bodes well for customers that are anxiously waiting for their Fisker Ocean to arrive. It’s incredibly thrilling to witness!

Owner Meetup Announcement: Come be a part of the excitement this weekend! Fisker Ocean owners, both current and future, are invited to join us for meetups in both Southern California and Northern California.

Customer Service Expansion

Just a few days back, we observed that Fisker made a change to the greeting on its toll-free customer support hotline. For example, when you previously dialed 1-844-347-5371 during regular business hours, you would wait for a customer service representative to address your call, offering general support to Fisker Ocean owners. However, the company has now implemented smart-routing for calls based on your selection.

In the updated greeting, callers are prompted to press one for service, press two for vehicle delivery, and for all other inquiries, they are directed to contact [email protected] or engage in a live chat with a Fisker Radgiver. It appears Fisker is now assisting customers with both service and delivery matters. We’ve been recommending this customer service number over the past week, and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. 🙌

Fisker Ocean Owner Meetups

Join fellow Fisker Ocean owners and enthusiasts at local meetups next month!

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16 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Delivery Blitz: Accelerating Towards 300 Vehicles Daily

  1. Sadly, not having the same experience. My delivery had been delayed multiple times, including on the actual day it is to be delivered. Even today, my rescheduled delivery day, they are confused about whether it is the delivery day or still on hold. Very frustrating last month of now 10 delivery changes. If it doesn’t come today, my frustration will boil over.

    1. Great to know you’ll be at Eugene! While it’s not expected that anyone from Fisker will attend either event, they might just surprise us, as they’ve done in the past!

  2. Sean,

    I can officially say that as someone who’s Fisker Ocean One was at a U.S. port (Baltimore) back on October 3rd, 2023 and at a Fisker Facility (Adesa in Sterling, Virginia) as of October 11, 2023 – I still have not received my car after several failed delivery dates. I also find Fisker’s management of the delivery / logistics process and related customer service to be the worst I have ever experienced. This also doesn’t bode well for Fisker’s customer service during the ownership phase.

    In any event, I don’t think these articles about Fisker’s ramping up deliveries is helpful when in the real world it’s all just a hot mess.

    1. Hello Robert, could you provide an update on the current status of your Fisker Ocean One delivery and elaborate on the challenges you’ve faced with multiple unsuccessful delivery dates? Thanks a lot!

  3. Have you ever tried calling the customer support number and pressing option 2 for delivery? There’s no one answering! It’s a joke!

  4. Thanks Sean.

    The customer service number has only recently been implemented – so over the past three weeks it has basically been impossible to reach anyone in Fisker!’s Delivery Department by email or phone. This is even more frustrating because Fisker has obviously contracted out to third party providers to store the cars (Adesa) and an auto transport company to deliver the cars (Runbuggy). On my first failed delivery attempt Fisker was supposed to work with Adesa to have an ekectronic gate pass issued so that the truck driver could pick my Fisker Ocean One up from the Adesa facility and the truck driver called to say they had issued a gate pass for a Honda Pilot? The situation is compounded by the fact that I live in NJ – about 15 minutes from the Port of Newark – and yet Fisker delivered my car to the Port of Baltimore and is currently holding it at an Adesa Facility in Sterling, Virginia – about 4 hours drive away from me. So if that’s the logistics approach to delivering cars in the Nottheast, I can also understand why there have been so many delivery delays / issues.

    Also my general sense is that Fisker has spent almost all of their time focused on car production / ramp up (. . .ever designing / rolling out new car models) and considerably less time focused on delivery logistics, staffing and customer service.

    So this is a long way of saying that I’m regretting my Fisker Ocean One purchase at this point and I’m not looking forward to trying to deal with this company with the inevitable issues that will continue to arise with this car during ownership. And dare I say it, the short sellers may be right if Fisker doesn’t start putting their customers at the center of everything they do and more generally getting their act together.

  5. Robert I have had the same exact problems, even my dates match up. Even more concerning is that on the App under may account the Vehicle status went from At Facility to Place Order And Lock In Production and now my Ocean One doesn’t even show on the app. I can’t get an email reply from anyone at Fisker. It is beyond frustrating and they have been sitting on my $70K plus of cash which they eagerly accepted.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that Bob – similar experience on my side but with the Fiisker App just showing At Facility with stale delivery dates that have already been missed. However, the Fisker App is just a reflection of the company more broadly – just a total hot mess in my opinion. I can’t even fathom what this car is going to look like when it shows up at my house at this point and what 12 volt battery and other problems I’m going to need to contend with after delivery. I see references on the internet to new Fisker Ocean One customers installing an emergency Frunk Opener Package in their trailer hitch in case the 12 volt battery dies, which seems like an absolutely insane requirement for a $73.5k plus new car!

  7. My delivery here in the Uk was bang on schedule and the car knocks my Tesla Y out of the park. Fisker are new, it will catch up the order sheet and then hopefully run as well as the Ocean! Worth the wait guys.

  8. 300 deliveries per day?? Lucid has had about 1400 delivery per quarter the last 3 quarters and that’s a car with significant media exposure and organic mention. No one is talking about Fisker.

  9. My FOO delivery was delayed a week, then it finally came. However, a week later I’m still waiting for title, registration, and a license plate. No luck getting a response from Fisker by email, phone line, or online chat.

    1. Congrats on taking delivery of your Ocean One. Some customers find the paperwork and temporary plates under the rear cargo organizer, others not so lucky. Fisker has been emailing copies of the paperwork and temp plates as well as sending via FedEx. You may try calling 1-844-FISKER1 (1-844-347-5371 again to request digital copies.

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