Fisker Ocean Coming to Canada

Fisker brings the thrill of driving the Ocean to Canadian customers amid the arrival of electric SUVs at US ports.

Canada Fisker Ocean test drive events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
Canada Fisker Ocean test drive events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Today, Fisker has announced thrilling test drive events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, providing Canadian customers with the chance to feel the excitement of driving the Fisker Ocean. In fact, this will be the very first time the Fisker Ocean makes its way into Canada. Later this month, Fisker has scheduled the three test drive events across Canada. Fisker will be starting on the East Coast and wrapping up on the West Coast. Booking appointments are strongly encouraged for attendees to get behind the wheel at these Fisker Ocean test drive events.

Like we’ve seen in the United States, these events in Canada will take place in the parking lots of three large Cadillac Fairview retail shopping malls. Fisker has scheduled the first test drive event for Toronto at CF Sherway Gardens from October 13th to 15th. Next up, the Montreal test drive event will run from October 18th to 20th at CF Carrefour Laval. Then, the Vancouver test drive event will take place from October 27th to 29th at CF Richmond Center. Existing and prospective customers will have a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the Fisker Ocean. Have fun Canada and be sure to send photos!

More Fisker Oceans Arriving at US Ports

Henrik Fisker shared last night an energizing update: “Keep accelerating the deliveries! Team is working hard to speed things up! EU is full speed! US is getting up to speed this weekend!! We r going all out!!” It’s clear to us that things are accelerating while the company continues to improve the delivery experience. It sounds like a lot of customers are in for quite a treat this weekend!

Electric Wave Hitting Baltimore Ports

Fisker Oceans next to the "POTTERSGRACHT" ship, anchored at Baltimore Port in Dundalk on September 16th.
Fisker Oceans next to the “POTTERSGRACHT” ship, anchored at Baltimore Port in Dundalk on September 16th.

Accompanying this spirited message were four captivating photos of Fisker Oceans at seaside ports after their European arrival. The initial photo captures either a sunrise or sunset backdrop, featuring a Fisker Ocean One bathed in Big Sur Blue. The likelihood of a sunrise is high, given the lingering congestion at the Panama Canal due to a severe drought after an unusually dry year.

In another captivating photo, Fisker Oceans sit by the water, set against the backdrop of the imposing ship, “POTTERSGRACHT.” This vessel was anchored at Dundalk Port near Baltimore on September 16th and is presently making its way through the Panama Canal. Notably, a Fisker Ocean sporting a Great White exterior distinguishes itself among the striking blue electric SUVs.

Most notably, two photos were taken from the midst of Fisker Oceans. They offer an all-encompassing 180-degree view in opposite directions, showing hundreds of Fisker Oceans awaiting transport to their final destination. These photos showcase a panoramic spectacle of Oceans lined up—a creative approach to capturing the entirety of the scene.

Fast forward to this week, 80 Fisker Oceans were recently unloaded from the “ATLANTIC SEA” cargo ship in Baltimore, while the “HOEGH TOKYO” unloaded 199 electric SUVs in the same port. Interestingly, both ships loaded their cargo in Antwerp, not Zeebrugge. VINs are available for the Atlantic Sea, but none are listed for the Hoegh Tokyo. Quite an exciting development, don’t you think?

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Coming to Canada

  1. Well, despite some significant publicity about shipments and deliveries (here on Fiskerati and elsewhere), it’s incredible to watch the Jupiter-like gravitational pull on the share price. Generating an escape velocity from the naysayers and the shorts is not going to be accomplished without great effort and skill by Team Fisker. I’m watching, with an eye on the Ocean (in more ways than One), and with an eye to the sky (as it were). Routing for Team Fisker to blow people’s minds.

  2. I seen this cargo news few weeks ago but still customers not getting delivery so I don’t know this is true news cause I see same news over and over about Dundalk Baltimore, md 

    1. More than 1,500 Fisker Oceans have touched down in the US. Now, they’re gearing up for the next leg of their journey from port to distribution. The gears are turning, the wheels are greased—let the transportation hustle begin!

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