Fisker Ocean Ads Break Free into the Real World

Lots of reports of real-world Fisker Ocean ads appearing at airports and between NFL games this weekend.

Fisker Ocean ads at LAX.
Fisker Ocean ads at LAX.

Over the weekend, in a surprising move, Fisker has broken free from the confines of digital advertising, making a splash in the real world with Fisker Ocean ads popping up in unexpected places. This weekend saw a surge of reports from Fisker enthusiasts across the United States and Europe, detailing sightings of the electric SUV in airports and even during NFL games through Sunday. As Fisker enthusiasts shared their sightings, social media became abuzz with excitement, creating a virtual echo of the real-world impact the Fisker Ocean was making.

Gone are the days of Fisker relying exclusively on digital platforms to connect with potential customers. The transition from the virtual realm to the physical world is not only a bold move but a cool one too. Reports have flooded in, giving us a glimpse into the widespread appearance of Fisker ads, transcending screens and popping up in unexpected locations. With each unexpected sighting, the Fisker Ocean seems to be not just a vehicle, but a symbol breaking through the digital boundaries and into the tangible experiences of potential customers.

Terminal Takeover: Fisker Ocean Ads Make Statement at Airports

One such account comes from a personal friend who, aware of our love for all-things Fisker, shared their recent experience. Traveling from Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France, to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), they were greeted by a terminal splashed with Fisker Ocean displays. When they arrived at LAX, it wasn’t a fleeting moment. However, the entire terminal seemed to have embraced the electric SUV, with every digital display showcasing the sleek design of the all-electric Fisker Ocean. While this individual might not be a Fisker customer just yet, the brand’s ads certainly made a lasting impression. Henrik Fisker even pointed these out last week on social media. And the ads didn’t stop at LAX, ads appeared at London Heathrow Airport over the weekend as well. They are beginning to pop-up everywhere.

Fisker Ocean Ads On Freeway Billboards

Reports from our readers have also highlighted Fisker’s presence on physical billboards across various regions in the United States, from Chicago to Denver to the 405-freeway in Los Angeles. The strategy seems to be a concerted effort to engage with audiences in diverse locations where Fisker is making a splash, creating a widespread buzz about the Fisker Ocean.

NFL Fans Meet the Fisker Ocean

Perhaps the most unexpected but exciting sightings were during the commercial breaks of NFL games over the weekend. Fisker ads managed to secure airtime during prominent matchups, including the Dallas Cowboys versus San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Minnesota Vikings. The electric SUV shared the spotlight with football giants like Patrick Mahomes, and according to reports, it emerged as the real winner for those tuning into the games. Even Swifties who tuned into the game noticed the Fisker Ocean commercial, even though the country pop singer wasn’t in attendance to cheer on her new fling Travis Kelce of the Chiefs.

Anticipating a Surge in Fisker Ocean Interest

With Fisker Ocean making a splash in unexpected advertising spaces, it’s hard not to wonder about the ripple effect on Fisker Ocean reservations. The recent foray into traditional advertising, including a 15-second spot on CNBC and the shift to live sporting events, marks a significant shift in Fisker’s marketing approach. While the brand has been a familiar face on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the move to television suggests a new chapter in their promotional playbook.

The question now is, where else might the Fisker Ocean make its presence felt? Could we soon witness its sleek silhouette gracing the screens during MLB playoff games or, dare we dream, the World Series? Excitement hangs in the air as Fisker appears determined to push its brand into traditional realms of advertising. As the Fisker Ocean continues to ride the waves into uncharted territories, the likelihood of reservations going up is as intriguing as where we’ll see the Fisker Ocean appear next.

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7 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Ads Break Free into the Real World

  1. I’ve spent much of my career in the sales and marketing field, for a number of local, national, and international brands. This is an exciting next step. However, nothing market’s a brand (and minimizes advertising needs) like extremely satisfied customers. A lot of people in the engineering, manufacturing, and logistics departments fail to understand that THEY actually create the highest quality marketing/advertising, because they create and deliver the actual product(s) used by the actual customers.

    That said, I’m hoping the marketing/advertising execution can be limited, yet be of the highest quality; a quality that launches the positive and powerful emotional connection with the customer that Fisker Inc expects to be famous for.

  2. Fisker management of schedule and process of purchasing are so much difficult and worst they need to fix this before advertising their car cause current customers not happy then you can’t build future customers trust

  3. Any vehicle, especially a new vehicle powered by a less tried and true drivetrain like electricity (which I love, incidentally), is only as good as the support network behind it. Tell us more about how Fisker will back up their vehicles with service and warranties!

What are your thoughts?