Fisker Hits Milestone: Delivering 107 Oceans in a Single Day

Fisker achieves a one-day delivery milestone through its new distribution strategy, yielding a $7.5 million revenue achievement in a single day, setting the pace for Q4 2023.

Customers collecting their Fisker Ocean earlier this week on-site at the Fisker Center+ location (Oslo, Norway).
Customers collecting their Fisker Ocean earlier this week on-site at the Fisker Center+ location (Oslo, Norway).

Today, Fisker proudly announced the delivery of 107 vehicles on Thursday, November 16th, marking a significant achievement. The company attributed this success to the implementation of a new distribution strategy aimed at rapidly boosting global sales and deliveries of the Fisker Ocean SUV. In a groundbreaking feat, Fisker set a new milestone by delivering 107 vehicles in a single day, a topic we discussed just last night on All-Things Fisker.

Fisker strategically enhanced its capabilities by establishing its own global delivery locations, manned by a growing number of Fisker employees. With approximately 15 locations in progress, the company also enlisted the support of multiple transportation logistics partners to expedite the movement of Fisker Oceans to delivery points, ensuring swift handovers to customers.

For customers residing within 60 miles of a Fisker fulfillment location, the option of Fisker Direct enables their vehicle to be delivered directly by a Fisker employee. As a result, this eliminates the need for traditional vehicle transport. Additionally, Fisker has streamlined the entire process, resulting in many customers receiving their cars within four to seven days of completing their purchase. In some instances, new Fisker Ocean owners are receiving their electric SUV on the same day if they opt for vehicle pickup.

Surpassing the 100-vehicle mark in daily deliveries stands as a momentous achievement for Fisker. This translates into revenue exceeding $7.5 million for that single day. Our initial estimates indicate that Fisker has already delivered over 2,000 vehicles in Q4 2023. Therefore, projected total revenue for Q4 2023 will well surpass $140 million. With approximately 45 days left in the quarter, Fisker acknowledges the substantial workload that lies ahead.

“This result proves that our new distribution strategy is working. We expect this pace of deliveries to accelerate, and we will provide frequent updates during the remainder of 2023. We are grateful to our customers for their patience as we conduct this ramp-up.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 36

In last night’s YouTube live-stream, we updated you on all-things Fisker from the past 45 days since our latest podcast episode. We kicked off the show by addressing the elephant in the room—what’s happening with Fisker’s stock? We guided you through the twists and turns of recent events. Next, we delved into the highlights of Fisker’s Q3 2023 quarterly results. Doing the show again was a blast, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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8 thoughts on “Fisker Hits Milestone: Delivering 107 Oceans in a Single Day

  1. No matter how hard you try, to give it a positive spin: It’s just another fail. That “new” speed means, that just about 2500-3000 more cars will be delivered till the end of the year. Way to low. And because that’s bad news, we see another crash of the share price today and another all time low.

  2. The target number for daily deliveries is 300 (should be already happening at this point in the game). 107 is much less than that. I certainly would not celebrate it. it does, however, tell us how few cars they’ve actually delivered in the month of November, assuming 107 is their best day to date. And to think where we are in the quarter…..deliveries have to increase exponentially. But let’s keep wasting time and money promoting future pipe dream vehicles. Seems like a good strategy.

  3. While is good news that HF has finally realised that his business needs a stable share price and he can’t just keep putting out hopes and dreams, the reality of 107 in one day is dismal. To crow about building 300 a day makes the numbers eye watering. So how are you paying for the 200 cars a day you didn’t deliver? The only thing that will stop this company share going under $1 is daily production and delivery numbers that the market can form a view from. Do that for the rest of this FY and maybe we won’t all be left holding a broken dream – again! Am I the only one asking if that is a global number or a USA number? we need much more detail. i still love the cars and the model, but his execution is lacking and some industry gravitas needs to be brought in.

  4. Got my Ocean One two days ago. Car is incredible. Key fob could work better, even with the new battery, but I’m hoping this will be fixed. Customer service has been excellent as well. Hoping deliveries speed up for everyone’s sake. This car is so modern and comfortable. Everyone should own one.

    1. Sohail, congratulations and enjoy your Ocean One. As a fellow One owner I agree it’s a well designed vehicle. As a company however, they need to step up their game on multiple fronts, including higher delivery numbers (very important to investors) and better customer service (very important to the consumer – and investors). I visited the NYC pop up just to speak with a person since my vehicle admin stopped corresponding with me weeks before. They seem eager to set things right and assured me steps are being put in place.. I hope this comes to fruition and we can be proud of our purchases.

  5. Rolf. I don’t know Sean. He seems like a nice person. If he is a Fisker shill, he’s got to live with that. But he seems to be trying to build a strong community. A community of people who want a great vehicle AND a great company. A community that has gotten absolutely clobbered the last month or so.

What are your thoughts?