Fisker Ad Appears on CNBC, Ocean Ones Continuously Shipping, & Hamburg Software Update Event

Fisker Ocean ad appears on CNBC while Ocean Ones continue to ship throughout Europe, and Fisker plans a software update for customers in Hamburg, Germany.

Fisker Ocean Ones shipping daily to destinations throughout Europe.
Fisker Ocean Ones shipping daily to destinations throughout Europe.

Today, the first Fisker Ocean advertisement appeared on CNBC, and Henrik, as we discussed previously, posted this 15-second video clip on social media yesterday. If you were watching the financial channel on your TV this afternoon, you might have seen it too. Fisker’s use of television ads is a significant development to reach a new audience. That’s likely why we observed Fisker’s stock symbol appearing at the end of the video clips yesterday.

While CNBC played in the background at our house, we heard, “When we challenged ourselves to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicle, we had to think differently.” We looked up from our computer and saw the Fisker Ocean ad streaming on our television. It’s worth noting that we watch television using Apple TV. Nevertheless, it was really cool to see, and we hope you’ll spot this ad next time you watch the recognized world leader in business news!

Continuously Shipping Ocean Ones, Hamburg Software Update Event

On a separate note, Fisker shared today that they are continuously shipping Fisker Ocean Ones throughout Europe, and more are on the way. Fisker confirms that they always deliver the latest software with every Fisker Ocean arriving now. For instance, our Fisker Ocean currently runs on the latest version we know of, which is FM29 OS 1.06. This version represents major improvements compared to the previous installation on our Fisker Ocean One.

With that said, Fisker will host a software update event in Hamburg later this month. This event in Germany will take place from September 19th to 21st. Attendees can update their Fisker Ocean with the latest software version. If customers are interested in updating their Ocean with the latest software, they can email Fisker Support or contact a Rådgiver to schedule an appointment. For those residing outside the Hamburg area, Fisker will reach out to offer a suitable solution to ensure their vehicles run the latest software build.

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    1. Yes, over the air updates are supported. The latest version of the software improves them and makes them more efficient. Thus, an in-person update is recommended to get the very latest.

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