First Right-Hand Drive Fisker Ocean Makes United Kingdom Debut

A new photo surfacing online shows that the first right-hand drive Fisker Ocean has arrived on British soil in the United Kingdom.

First right-hand drive Fisker Ocean electric SUV makes United Kingdom debut.
First right-hand drive Fisker Ocean electric SUV makes United Kingdom debut.

Today, the first right-hand drive Fisker Ocean made its debut in the United Kingdom. The Fisker Ocean featured a Sea Salt interior and 22″ F6 Vortex wheels while sporting a vibrant red firetruck color known as Red Planet. Positioned against the backdrop of Chichester Harbour’s low tide, in front of the village of Bosham, the right-hand drive Fisker Ocean appeared striking with its windows down and SolarSky roof open. The captivating photo came from David King, Fisker’s Senior Vice President of Engineering. King took to social media to share the photo. He said, “First RHD Fisker Ocean in the UK. It’s really, really good!”

While David King isn’t enjoying this new ride, he focuses on low-volume, rapid-development vehicle programs, and specialized versions of the Fisker portfolio. With 30 years of vehicle engineering and product development leadership experience, King became a part of the company during the launch of Fisker Magic Works nearly two years ago. The UK-based division of Fisker, under King’s leadership, takes charge of specialty vehicle engineering and development, including projects like the high-profile Fisker RŌNIN. When King says a car is “really, really good,” his words hold significant weight.

Get Up Close with the Fisker Ocean in London

While you might not get the chance to personally drive King’s right-hand drive Fisker Ocean, you can explore the electric SUV at the Fisker Lounge in London. Fisker opened its experience center at the Westfield London Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush last month. Visiting the London Fisker Lounge doesn’t require an appointment and it’s open daily. If you’re curious about the Fisker Ocean, you can see it firsthand at the London Fisker Lounge. The electric SUV on-site features a Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels. On the other hand, there’s also the chance that you might get lucky spotting the bright red right-hand drive Fisker Ocean cruising around England!

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