Exclusive Photos: Fisker Ocean One Spotted in Munich, Germany

Fisker Ocean One spotted at Motorworld Munich as the company is reportedly setting up an experience center to facilitate deliveries.

Today, we received exclusive photos of the highly anticipated Fisker Ocean One, captured in Munich, Germany. This limited edition launch vehicle has the ‘One’ badge on the rear. It boasts a sleek Silver Lining exterior, sustainable Black Abyss Plus interior, and stylish 22″ F3a SlipStream wheels. The electric SUV was spotted at Motorworld in Munich. This is where Fisker is reportedly setting up a storefront to facilitate deliveries, according to people familiar with the location.

Fisker Experience Center at Motorworld Munich

Although the Fisker experience center is not yet open to the public. Construction is currently underway for the Fisker experience center in a prime location, covering an area of approximately 50 square meters. Those passing by will see the iconic Fisker and A Clean Future For All branding on interior walls. The exterior features prominently display “Coming Soon” signage and the distinctive Fisker logo. Furthermore, the underground parking garage has around 20 parking spaces set aside exclusively for Fisker vehicles, which is where the photos of the Ocean One were taken.

Motorworld Munich: A Car Enthusiast’s Paradise

Motorworld in Munich is the perfect location for a Fisker experience center, as it is a haven for car enthusiasts. It is a very unique location, and experience for car enthusiasts if it’s anything like Motorworld Cologne. For instance, renowned brands such as McLaren, Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes, Brabus, Ferrari, and many more have vehicles on display. Furthermore, there are several restaurants and a hotel for events and meetings. The Fisker experience center located at Motorworld Munich will likely generate a lot of traffic.

Fisker Lounge Showroom near Marienplatz

Last summer, Fisker began renovations of a Fisker Lounge showroom just 200 meters away from Marienplatz. This is a prestigious shopping area in Munich. The location was previously occupied by a prominent German fragrance chain, Douglas. This location is still under construction. However, the new location at Am Ausbesserungswerk 8, 80939 München, is approximately a 20-minute drive northeast of Marienplatz. It provides easy access for visitors to the Fisker experience center at Motorworld Munich.

With the Fisker Ocean One making waves in Munich and the highly anticipated opening of the Fisker experience center at Motorworld, Fisker enthusiasts and car aficionados alike are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Fisker and experience the future of sustainable electric vehicles up close and personal. As more details drop for this location, we will be sure to share them here! (As always, feel free to share your photos and videos with us to feature them on the site!)

Special thanks to MD, a massive Fisker fan and Ocean One reservation holder, for sharing these photos with us!

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  1. I asked this question before, after Henrik’s interview. He stated that “you will not be able to test drive the One in the LA lounge”, that it is more of a climb in, VR experience. SERIOUSLY! Is this verified, that I will not be able to test drive a One BEFORE I am due to take delivery?

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