Delivery Update: Fisker Ocean Volume Deliveries to Start This Month

Later this month, Fisker will begin volume deliveries and has started contacting the ‘First Wave’ of North American customers, providing them with a timeframe for Ocean One deliveries.

Today, Fisker announced that they will start volume deliveries of the Fisker Ocean in the United States during the week of June 19th. The company began contacting initial customers in North America regarding Ocean One deliveries. Many Fisker customers in the Southern California area have received emails. This follows Fisker’s earlier announcement today. The company received the long awaited EPA approval to sell their flagship all-electric SUV in North America. This vehicle will have segment leading range of 360 miles.

All-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.
All-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.

Henrik confirmed this on social media earlier today. This was the reason Henrik flew back to Graz, Austria over the Memorial Day Weekend. Now we know why Henrik Fisker was excited for this week! In his post, he shared a video clip showing off the Fisker Ocean being unlocked and the light display is wonderful. He stated: “Volume deliveries starting in the US, week June 19th, letters out to first customers earlier today and we didn’t sleep over here at the Plant! We were building vehicles for shipping to customers!!! EPA 360 mile range!!”

In the press release from about a half hour ago regarding US deliveries, Henrik Fisker shared his excitement and gratitude. He thanked customers for their patience. The next step in the promising future of this electric vehicle company is to get vehicles into the hands of customers.

“We are super excited to start getting Fisker Ocean SUVs into customer hands. Our US customers have been exceptionally patient as we have moved through the regulatory process, but we are now ready to enter the next phase of the company’s history.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

First Wave of North American Deliveries

Our Fisker Ocean One configuration
Our Fisker Ocean One configuration with Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels.

We are thrilled to announce that we received our Fisker Ocean One delivery email at 6:00 am Pacific Time this morning. The email titled, “Meet Your Vehicle Admin Coordinator,” introduced us to our point of contact who will assist us in taking delivery of our Fisker Ocean.

This individual will guide us through the entire purchase process. It will include everything from scheduling an inspection to trading in our vehicle to submitting our payment. The email also included a snapshot of our vehicle configuration. They will be providing support from start to finish. We took a quick minute to reply to the email to introduce ourselves to personal guide. In case our vehicle coordinator ends up reading this post, hi Kevin, look forward to working with you! 👋

In Fisker’s Words…

Hello Sean,

My name is Kevin Mena, your Vehicle Admin Coordinator. You can think of me as your personal guide, helping you navigate the purchase process for your new Fisker EV. My goal is to make the next steps in purchasing your Fisker Ocean simple, intuitive, and enjoyable.

We anticipate your vehicle will be delivered between 6/26 and 7/9. As your delivery window approaches, we’ll reach out to verify a delivery date that works best for you. Your My Fisker account will be the central hub for inputting important information, along with uploading and e-signing the documents required to complete your order. We’ve designed our digital ordering system to be easy to follow, but if you run into any issues, I’m here to help.

We’ve designed our digital ordering system to be easy to follow, but if you run into any issues, I’m here to help.

Your next steps may include the following:

• Scheduling of trade-in vehicle inspection
• Finalizing title and registration paperwork
• Applying for financing
• Uploading important documents
• Signing your vehicle contract
• Scheduling vehicle delivery
• Insuring your vehicle
• Submitting your payment

If I can be of service, please feel free to get in touch with me by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Delivery Update: Fisker Ocean Volume Deliveries to Start This Month

  1. I have also reserved they can not tell me how far my order is they said your order will not be ready until 2024 of next year.

    1. It all depends on the trim you reserved. Fisker will begin volume deliveries later this month starting with the Ocean One trim. This will be followed by the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims.

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