Confirming Our Fisker Ocean Payment Method

Fisker Finance enables us to take the next step in our journey towards owning the Fisker Ocean by finalizing payment details and exploring financing options.

Next step within our account, under My Fisker, is to confirm payment method.
Next step within our account, under My Fisker, is to confirm payment method.

Today, Fisker provided us with the next step in our journey to Fisker Ocean ownership. The company activated the ‘Confirm Payment Method’ step within our Fisker account. Fisker now enables us to finalize our payment details and purchase options for your Fisker Ocean. The screen tells us this includes the option of applying with Fisker Finance for a seamless and convenient auto financing experience exclusively available to Fisker customers. As of right now, Fisker has not sent us any email communication about this ‘Next Step’, but we can expect it to arrive shortly. You could say this is an early preview!

Confirming Our Trade-In Option: Pressing the ‘Confirm’ Button

It is exciting to see that our Fisker Ocean One order is moving through to the next step. This next step gives us three options based on our previous selections when using the Price Estimator. We previously chose to trade-in our 2021 Tesla Model 3 and selected to finance our vehicle using Fisker Finance. As a result, our account now has three steps: Trade-In, Payment Method (Fisker Finance), and Fisker Finance Application.

Currently, we can press either the ‘Confirm’ or ‘No Trade In’ buttons. When we press the ‘Confirm’ button, the page refreshes, and both the ‘Confirm’ and ‘No Trade In’ buttons remain accessible on our desktop computer. Completing the first action item on the desktop website currently makes the next action item unavailable to us. On Fisker’s mobile app, the ‘Confirm’ button shows, along with “[trade-in-bool]” instead of our action taken. Nevertheless, we are one step closer to owning a Fisker Ocean!

Our Fisker Ocean Journey

Today, we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of pre-ordering our Fisker Ocean One. As you know, we have been enjoying ourselves immensely as we track our journey to owning the Fisker Ocean. In September 2020, we reserved the electric SUV without knowledge of which trims would be available. Then, in July 2022, Fisker opened up preordering of the Fisker Ocean One and we secured our order with a non-refundable deposit of $5,000. In January 2023, we finalized our Fisker Ocean configuration with a Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus (FeelTek) interior, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black. Shortly after, Fisker provided us with our sequence number. We look forward to driving our electric SUV down the California coast later this summer. Until then, we will keep you posted on the next step of the process.

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