Awaiting EPA Approval: Fisker Showcases Long Range Battery

Fisker awaits EPA range approval while taking the Fisker Ocean on its longest road trip to date, showcasing the battery’s epic performance.

Fisker Ocean road trip from San Francisco, CA to Dayton, OH.
Fisker Ocean road trip heading to Dayton, OH after charging at Electrify America charging station.

Today, Fisker announced that the Fisker Ocean successfully completed a road trip from San Francisco, CA to Dayton, OH. Google Maps shows that this drive spans through nine states, making it a long journey. The quickest route from Fisker’s Bay Area engineering office covers a distance of 2,389 miles, requiring approximately 35 hours of driving. Overall, the round trip from Fisker’s ‘Source Code’ office in San Francisco to Dayton totals 4,778 miles. We’re curious to know why Fisker completed this road trip from their engineering office. We reached out to the company for comment. They said, “We’re just road tripping the cars because we have them. No real comment — just getting some miles in on them.”

Showing Off Battery Range

Utilizing the Fisker Ocean for a road trip could bring significant benefits. It provides an excellent opportunity to gather real-world engineering data and highlight the electric SUV’s impressive battery range. Currently, the Fisker Ocean’s battery range and EPA range approval are topics of widespread discussion in the US.

Fisker actively shares photos and videos of the Fisker Ocean charging, subtly hinting at its remarkable battery range. Just a week ago, Henrik personally shared a photo of the Fisker Ocean with an impressive 356 miles and 100% battery capacity. Additionally, Fisker is eagerly awaiting the EPA’s issuance of a regulatory certificate for range approval.

During the Memorial Day weekend, this topic came up again. Social media users asked Henrik several questions about the delay in receiving EPA certification for the Fisker Ocean. The questions included if he could provide more details on the delay and if there could be a reason other than the EPA causing the delay.

Henrik quickly responded, posing the question, “What’s the longest range of any electric ‘SUV’ currently on sale in the US?” This implies that Fisker anticipates their vehicle to surpass the range of any other electric SUV in the US market. Such expectations might also explain why Fisker continues to showcase the impressive range of the Fisker Ocean.

When Will EPA Approval Come?

That question holds significant importance for numerous Fisker reservation holders. Henrik addressed it during the Fisker’s Q1 2023 earnings call on May 9th, stating, “Once we have the regulatory certificate of EPA complete, which we expect to have this month, I mean I actually expect this in a matter of days rather than weeks because we have already delivered a vehicle to EPA and they have already confirmed that they have done the testing.” We anticipate Fisker to promptly share the EPA range news upon receiving it. Following the extended, three-day Memorial Day weekend, during which all government agencies are on holiday, Fisker will have two remaining days in May before the start of the next month.

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