Auto Insurers Now Providing Quotes for Fisker Ocean

We tried to get insurance quotes for the Fisker Ocean from the Top 10 largest auto insurers in the United States. Here is what we found out.

Online insurance quote process from Liberty Mutual.

Today, we continue to prepare for becoming Fisker Ocean One owners. When Fisker confirmed our build and provided us our sequence number, they told us our expected delivery quarter is Q2 2023. In preparation of taking delivery, we’re getting our ducks in a row so to speak.

Yesterday we started looking into our financing options. And now we spent the better part of the day trying to get insurance quotes for our soon-to-be Fisker Ocean One. The good news is some of the Top 10 largest auto insurers in the United States list the Fisker Ocean on their website.

In July of last year, after preordering our Fisker Ocean One, we reached out to our current insurance company to inquire about insuring the electric SUV. At the time, we used a side-by-side comparison with our existing coverage on our Tesla Model 3. That way we would know if insurance premiums would go up or down with the Fisker Ocean.

Nearly 6 months ago, the auto insurance quote from Geico for the Fisker Ocean was $545.90/6 months. Today, the insurance quote we received from Geico came in at $581.30/6 Months — an increase of $35.40/6 Months. This is a bit more expensive, but ends up being a savings of $19.60/6 Months compared to the current rate for our Tesla Model 3.

Getting Online Insurance Quotes

Fisker Ocean in Night Drive, Black Abyss Plus, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black.

Now, we wanted to shop around to see how our new Geico insurance quote stacked up to the competition. As previously mentioned, some insurance companies now offer online auto insurance quotes. We found this out during our research this morning contacting the top 10 insurers in the United States. We were successful in getting auto insurance quotes from Geico, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers Insurance. The results were pretty shocking.

Also, we tried to get online auto insurance quotes from Progressive, 21st Century, Allstate, and USAA. However, their websites aren’t setup for selecting the Fisker Ocean at this time. Furthermore, we were not able to get an online quote from State Farm, Nationwide, and Travelers. These companies requested us to call for a quote or speak to a local agent.

Geico was hands down the best value for our family. Even with the same coverages, Liberty Mutual was nearly double the cost. This is compared to Farmers Insurance which was nearly four times as expensive. It could be that we are long-term Geico customers and also have our home insurance with them. As we move closer to our Fisker Ocean One delivery date, we will try again to get more online auto quotes from Geico competitors.

Auto Insurer6 Month Premium
Liberty Mutual$1,017.48
Farmers Insurance$2,212.02
At this time, only three of the top 10 auto insurance companies are setup to provide online auto quotes for the Fisker Ocean.

Will Fisker Offer Auto Insurance?

We really hope so. Fisker confirmed they will offer auto insurance, but timing is unclear. The company has not released any details to date. Much like financing the Fisker Ocean through Fisker Finance, we need to wait until more details are released about any insurance products Fisker may have in the works. All we hope is that Fisker simplifies the insurance experience within the Fisker Flexee app while offering competitive rates at the same time. Until then, we will likely stick with our current insurance company. Let us know what you find out from your auto insurance company in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Auto Insurers Now Providing Quotes for Fisker Ocean

  1. State Farm for me was similar to your Geico quote, it was for the ‘23 ocean ONE, we also receive discount for home and multi policy

  2. I was able to get online quotes from USAA for all models, including my future Sport. At only $20 more per month than my current compact gas car, I thought it sounded great!

    1. Excellent! In the dropdown for “Fisker/Karma Auto,” all we could see was “GS-6 4 Door” and “Revero 4D GT”.

  3. Be careful with Geico. I am going through a Tesla repair with them right now, and they refuse to pay the labor rates at Tesla Certified body shops. So I will be left considerably out of pocket.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Was able to get an quote from USAA, with multi-car. $1725/yr only about 15 dollars more than I’m already paying. Not bad at all, expected much larger increase.

  5. How many miles a year are you quoted from your last article? It sounds like you drive 6,000 mi a year which if you stay below the 12,000 mi a year you can save the substantial money.

What are your thoughts?