All Aboard the Fisker Ocean Train, Flagship Fisker Lounge Set to Open in Los Angeles

Fisker Oceans loaded on rail transport ahead of customer deliveries as Fisker prepares to open their flagship Fisker Lounge in Los Angeles tomorrow morning.

Today, Fisker delivered a couple of exciting updates about Fisker Ocean transportation logistics and its flagship Fisker Lounge in Los Angeles. Firstly, Henrik Fisker is not only on a mission to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, but he is also on a mission to place cars into the hands of Fisker customers as quickly as he can, utilizing all methods of vehicle transportation. Henrik stated, “This train has left the station!” He showcased Fisker Ocean Ones in various shades of blue, loaded onto a train ready to journey and reach customers who are eagerly awaiting them. Fisker is working feverishly to deliver 5,000 Ocean One launch editions to customers by the end of next month.

Los Angeles Fisker Lounge Opening Tomorrow

Simultaneously, Fisker is preparing to unveil their highly anticipated flagship store, the Fisker Lounge at The Grove, tomorrow morning. The Los Angeles customer experience center will raise its curtains on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 10 AM Pacific Time. Operating hours for the Fisker Lounge at The Grove are 10 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time on Monday to Thursday, from 10 AM to 10 PM Pacific Time on Friday and Saturday, and from 11 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time on Sunday.

Fisker’s flagship experience center is located within one of Southern California’s most popular outdoor shopping and entertainment districts. The Fisker Lounge at The Grove will invite prospective customers to personally experience and test drive the all-electric Fisker Ocean. Those interested in test driving the Fisker Ocean can easily schedule appointments both in-store and online.

What You Can Expect At Fisker’s Flagship Lounge

Rendering of Fisker's flagship Lounge set to open at The Grove in Los Angeles.
Rendering of Fisker’s flagship Lounge set to open at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The flagship experience center embodies the company’s philosophy of how exceptional design can enrich the public’s connection with the brand. Anchored by the core values of design, innovation, and sustainability, Fisker crafted the new Lounge to encompass all three principles. This will make Fisker’s retail store, next to some of the hottest brands in Los Angeles, a captivating one.

The flagship Lounge stands out with its unique characteristics. The two-story space harmoniously blends curved lines, sleek textures, and refined lighting, an effortless and sophisticated aesthetic. For example, the store is expected to feature solid surfaces on the stairs and walls. Fisker says this long-awaited store will serve as inspiration for future customer experience locations in North America and Europe.

Fisker Lounges offer customers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Fisker Ocean experience and interact with product experts. Also, throughout the Fisker Lounge, visual exhibits spotlight how Fisker seamlessly integrates sustainability from design through a vehicle’s entire lifecycle. Visitors can physically engage with 110 lbs. of recycled content integrated into the Fisker Ocean. This will allow them to appreciate the vehicle’s pioneering design and features. It will also allow them to become part of Fisker’s commitment to “A Clean Future for All,” the automaker’s driving mission.

“I’m super excited for customers to not only experience the Fisker Ocean, but also the vision I had in designing a timeless space for our flagship Lounge in Los Angeles. I want to thank our customers and supporters for their patience as we open additional Fisker Lounges and deliver thousands of Fisker Oceans across North America and Europe in 2023 and 2024.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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