About 50% of Fisker Ocean Customers Will Purchase OTA Subscriptions

Fisker Ocean

In a new poll, we learned that about 50% of Fisker Ocean customers will purchase OTA subscriptions for their electric vehicle.

Fisker Ocean with Black Abyss interior, and 22" black wheels
Fisker Ocean with Black Abyss interior, and 22″ black wheels.

As you may recall, part of Fisker’s business model is to sell subscriptions. They will do this a couple of ways. First, the bulk of subscription revenue will come from the Fisker Flexible Lease. That lease program is expected to start at the end of 2023. Second, it will come from selling subscriptions to premium features on certain Ocean trims.

Fisker will do this by installing hardware for premium features on the Fisker Ocean, but not making them accessible unless they are unlocked. Customers can unlock certain features for a price. It may be a one-time charge or a recurring subscription to make it more affordable. Unlocked features are then delivered using over-the-air (OTA) updates to the vehicle.

It still is unclear what all the subscription features will be and on what trims they will be unlockable. Fisker has provided us an example in the past. For example, if you buy the Fisker Ocean Sport and want to adjust your steering wheel up and down, it will come with an additional charge. This will allow Fisker to keep the base price low.

Polling the Fisker community

Night Drive and those wheels!
Fisker Ocean in Night Drive paint color.

While we think OTA revenue is interesting, we personally wouldn’t pay additional money each month to unlock certain features. We would buy the more premium trim if we really wanted certain features that weren’t included on a lower trim. For example, if the Ocean Ultra doesn’t offer the sport package as a standard feature we may decide to upgrade to the Ocean Extreme.

We wanted to know how much Fisker Ocean customers are willing to spend on OTA subscriptions. To do this, we conducted a poll to find out. We asked our Twitter followers the following, “How much are you willing to spend per month on OTA subscriptions? (e.g., ADAS, Winter package, Sport package, Entertainment package, etc.)” Our poll was answered by a total of 109 respondents.

The results of the poll are below. As you can see, on one hand, just over 50% of respondents aren’t willing to spend $0/month on OTA subscriptions. This is the camp we fall into. On the other hand, just under 50% of respondents are willing to purchase OTA subscriptions. In fact, 31.2% of respondents are willing to spend $50+/month on OTA subscriptions. Let us know in the comments or on Fiskerati Forums what you think about OTA subscriptions.

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