A Week Into Owning Our Fisker Ocean, Exploring Software and Providing Insights

After a week of ownership, we are excited to share our experience with the Fisker Ocean and take a close look at the latest version of customer-facing software.

Today, we are sharing our experience of owning our Fisker Ocean for about a week now. In Episode 32 of the All-Things Fisker, we share the latest news updates and discuss various topics, including our Fisker Ocean One delivery and our experience with the electric SUV so far. We cover the Fisker Lounge opening in London, the Fisker Ocean journalist drive event underway in Austria, Fisker’s upcoming Q2 2023 earnings, shareholder Q&A, Fisker entering the India market, and the upcoming Product Vision Day. It’s a pretty fun episode, and we hope you enjoy it.

Upgrading the Fisker Ocean Software, A Game-Changer

Exploring the Fisker Ocean software including ADAS and infotainment.

As per our conversation last night, we have an extensive collection of video footage showcasing what we believe is impressive Fisker Ocean software. We’ve compiled these video clips to demonstrate the latest software in action on our Fisker Ocean One. In the YouTube video below, we also highlighted how Fisker’s service technicians visited our house earlier this week to provide a software update.

This update came about after we reached out to Fisker support and created a Case ID regarding the telltales appearing on our driver display at the end of last week. Following this, we scheduled the service visit over the weekend. The most recent software update has successfully resolved all the telltales that were previously visible on our driver display and has even unlocked some exciting new functionality we hadn’t encountered before.

Moreover, the latest software upgrade has significantly improved the Hyper Mode, giving it a more exhilarating and sporty feel. Overall, the version of software in our electric SUV is a great foundation. Yes, it isn’t perfect, but it will improve over time. As for Fisker’s service and support, we have been thoroughly impressed so far. From creating support tickets and scheduling service to our at-home service visit, it was a solid customer experience.

Exploring Fisker Ocean Software, Our Perspective

In the latest video, we explore the Fisker Ocean software, which seems to be the latest customer-facing version available. We park on the side of the road by dog beach in Del Mar, CA, to examine all the screens on the 17.1″ central touchscreen, going screen by screen. We get a chance to witness the ADAS functionality in action, detecting objects around the vehicle, traffic light signals, and speed limit signs. Furthermore, we check out the infotainment options on the Fisker Ocean, such as the music and video streaming services. Overall, we are very pleased with the latest software packages installed on our vehicle.

Hitting the Road to Palm Springs

Now, we are getting ready for a mini-road trip to Palm Springs. During our visit, we will explore and experience more of the Fisker Ocean’s capabilities. For instance, we have charged the vehicle to 100% for this trip. We will compare our charging experience to our previous long-range electric vehicle. Typically, during the week in the desert, we only needed to charge our vehicle once. This time, we will take the electric vehicle to a DC Fast Charger, most likely Electrify America or EVgo. However, if there is free Level 2 charging, we will probably choose that option. We will also test the vehicle’s air conditioning and see how much solar energy the SolarSky roof can harvest from the sunny and hot Palm Springs climate. Apart from these few things, we will likely rest and relax.

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5 thoughts on “A Week Into Owning Our Fisker Ocean, Exploring Software and Providing Insights

  1. Sean,

    Congratulations on receiving the Ocean One!

    I am glad you are getting the Customer Service that is expected after waiting over a year fot it.

    I, however; have not had my questions answered by CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT., nor by Mr Fisker himself after he put out the email requesting everyone’s patience.

    I am concern that this a bad omen and not good for business or the brand.

    On a brighter note, keep up the great work! At least you are keeping us informed.

  2. Why don’t they perform OTA?
    Does each owner needs to create a ticket in order to get the updates?

  3. Glad you are getting good customer service with your vehicle. I’m early in the process ( just ordered my Extreme a couple of weeks ago), but have encountered a couple of issues and my customer service experience has been clunky so far.

What are your thoughts?