Fisker Ocean Deliveries, Pop-Up Locations, & New Force E Package Photos

Customers are reporting Fisker Ocean deliveries as one pop-up event comes to a close, while another is on deck; meanwhile, Fisker releases new photos of the Force E package.

Today, we bring you various updates on the Fisker Ocean. This includes the latest information on deliveries, pop-up events, and even some new photos. Let’s start with deliveries. Fisker continues to deliver the Ocean One on a daily basis, with most of these deliveries flying under the radar. Many customers who are not active on social media or forums are reaching out to us via email, sharing their delivery experiences or upcoming delivery dates.

Just this morning, we have now received reports of over a dozen deliveries recently taking place throughout Southern California. It’s important to acknowledge that not all customers choose to share their delivery updates online or with us. This suggests that customers are receiving a greater number of Ocean Ones than they are reporting. Deliveries are happening quietly, as they should, without drawing excessive attention. We anticipate a significant surge in customer deliveries come September in all launch markets.

Completing 5,000 Ocean One Deliveries by September

Fisker’s goal is to complete the delivery of all 5,000 Ocean Ones by September. This commitment includes identifying customers from the 1,000+ waitlist to fill any cancellations. Practically all customers who have placed an order for the Ocean One have already received their vehicle identification numbers. Fisker aims to complete Ocean One deliveries by September 30th, making it reasonable to assume that they have already manufactured most, if not all, limited launch edition vehicles intended for North American customers. The production timeline for European customers is easily manageable as the production facility is conveniently located in Graz, Austria.

Navigating Delivery Logistics, All Hands on Deck

Our focus now shifts to transportation logistics and the final mile of delivery. Europe benefits from a comprehensive array of logistical solutions, encompassing rail and car haulage services across the continent. On the other hand, vehicles destined for North America must traverse the Atlantic, with numerous roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels departing from Europe daily. We believe that Fisker will stay on course with its delivery schedule. In particular, if all limited edition launch vehicles arrive in North America by mid-September. With a workforce exceeding 1,000 employees worldwide (not counting third-party delivery partners), Fisker has the necessary manpower to successfully carry out the delivery of every Fisker Ocean One by its target date.

Pop-Up Locations: From San Francisco to San Diego

Fisker Ocean pop-up and test drive event (Corte Madera, CA).
Fisker Ocean pop-up and test drive event (Corte Madera, CA).

Fisker is now wrapping up a three-day test drive event for customers in the Bay Area. Forum members have shared their experience about the event. Similar to the previous week’s test drive experience in Manhattan Beach, customers who took the wheel of a Fisker Ocean are now even more enthusiastic about receiving their vehicles, whether it’s the Ocean One, Extreme, Ultra, or Sport trim.

Test drives confirm for customers what we’ve been saying about the Fisker Ocean since our test drive last year. Moreover, the Fisker Ocean we own today has improved even further. Even individuals who visited the pop-up location without a scheduled test drive left with an increased sense of confidence. As we’ve said before, making time to see the vehicle in person is a worthwhile endeavor.

Here’s Another Chance

Getting ready for the San Diego pop-up and test drive event in San Diego (La Jolla, CA).
Getting ready for the San Diego pop-up and test drive event in San Diego (La Jolla, CA).

As the three-day San Francisco pop-up location comes to an end, another pop-up and test drive event is scheduled. This time it’s for Fisker customers in San Diego or anyone planning to visit for the weekend. Although test drive slots were quickly filled, get ready to explore electric SUVs and meet existing and future owners.

We are extremely excited that Fisker Ocean owners in San Diego are planning to bring their electric SUVs to the event. It will be amazing for owners to showcase their vehicles for future customers to admire. If you haven’t already reached out to us, feel free to drop us a note on social media or by email about the San Diego owners meetup. Alternatively, just arrive early this Saturday around 9:30am to display your vehicle at The Lodge.

If you haven’t already made plans to come out, we extend a personal invitation to you to join us and witness a variety of Fisker Oceans on display at the event. If it was anything like the Rancho Santa Fe Cars & Coffee, its going to be a fun experience! The two-day event officially kicks off this Saturday, August 26th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, situated at 11480 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037 (Map).

There’s one more important update for those on the East Coast–your wait is nearly over and your time for a pop-up and test drive event is approaching rapidly.

Fisker Releases New Details and Photos of Force E Package

Late last night, Fisker unveiled new details and photos for the Fisker Ocean Force E, an off-road package available for the Fisker Ocean. Customers can opt for the Fisker Ocean Force E either during the initial purchase or choose to add it later. The package will be available for Fisker Ocean Extreme and Ultra trims. It will feature 33-inch tires mounted on 20-inch wheels, higher ground clearance, specialized dampers, skid plates, and comprehensive underbody protection. This configuration seems poised to establish itself as the ultimate all-electric off-road vehicle.

Included within the Force E package is a dedicated off-road mode. This will provide performance-oriented powertrain settings specifically tailored for off-road driving. The delivery of this off-road mode will occur through an over-the-air (OTA) update, seamlessly integrated as part of the package’s offerings. Additionally, customers seeking to augment the Force E package can do so with an optional roof basket, available for separate purchase. Fisker says the “Force E” graphics are optional. Pricing for this off-road package, slated for early 2024, will be released with the opening of reservations.

“Force E is our effort to bring zero-emissions to the off-roading world, so that people who love the outdoors can experience it in a more sustainable way and without the negatives associated with the internal combustion vehicles that have dominated the segment for decades.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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