Fisker Made Its European Debut, SolarSky Roof In Action, Fisker Not Raising Fisker Ocean Prices

Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof

Fisker made its European debut at Mobile World Congress, Henrik tweeted a video of the SolarSky Roof in action, and the company will not be raising prices on the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker team attended Mobile World Congress on Monday. There was massive press coverage of the Fisker Ocean electric vehicle. Much like the LA Auto Show in November, the Fisker mobile apps saw a spike in app store downloads with Mobile World Congress. The company had a successful European debut. The company live streamed Fisker’s presentation at the MWC 2022 event and it was a hit online.

Checking out Magna Steyr’s CO2 neutral factory

Henrik and the company tweeted several videos this week showing off the Magna Steyr CO2 neutral factory in Austria. This post production video is a work of art with the camera zooming around the factory. You can see workers assembling by hand the first 50 Fisker Ocean prototypes. It is a work of art!

The SolarSkyRoof on the Fisker Ocean

Fisker also showed the SolarSky Roof in action. We posed the question, is the Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof worth it? This is a great feature especially with the national average of gasoline now at $4.01/gallon. Still shy of the 2008 highs of $4.11/gallon on 7/17/08.

AAA Gas Prices

Prices of the Fisker Ocean won’t be raised

On Friday, in the late afternoon, we heard from Henrik Fisker regarding whether or not the company will raise prices of the Fisker Ocean. Simply put, the Fisker Ocean will not cost consumers any more than the advertised $37,499. With the company’s know how, locked in supplier pricing, and great partners, there is no need to raise prices of the Fisker Ocean. Henrik went on to briefly explain the company’s business model. As a result, we tried to expand on his tweet explaining the Fisker business model for those not aware of it.

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