Fisker Launches New Website for Fisker Finance

New Fisker Finance website is launched for Fisker Ocean customers to access auto financing, payment, and management services.

Fisker launches new website for Fisker Finance.

Today, Fisker launched a new website for Fisker Finance in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase Bank. The website aims to provide a centralized platform for Fisker Ocean customers to access auto financing, payment and management services. Fisker Finance exclusively provides auto financing to Fisker customers through a seamless and convenient process on a fully digital platform. ​

The website offers several benefits, including a transparent financing process and a fully digital application that allows for quick decisions within seconds of applying. Customers also have access to a concierge team to assist with the application process and can view their loan application through their Fisker account.

Steps to Secure Auto Financing for Fisker Ocean Customers

To get started, customers must configure their own Fisker Ocean using the 3D Configurator, save their configuration by creating a Fisker account, and visit the Reserve page to secure their vehicle. Fisker will notify customers when it’s time to apply for financing and complete the final steps to purchase their vehicle.

Covering Common Questions on Auto Financing

Chase advises that a customer’s new Fisker Finance account should be active approximately two weeks prior to their initial payment. In addition, the Fisker Finance website also includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that covers topics such as online account enrollment, making payments, loan payoff, title and lien release, and financial difficulty.

One of the FAQ on the Fisker Finance website is about the application process: “How and when can I apply?” According to the website, customers can access the Fisker Finance application through a link provided in their Fisker account. Fisker will notify customers at the appropriate time to apply based on their vehicle’s anticipated delivery timeline. Additional frequently asked questions are available on the website to provide more information.

Enabling Fisker to Deliver Vehicles at Scale

In a recent episode of All-Things Fisker, we discussed the importance of setting up the Fisker Finance website to enable Fisker to deliver vehicles at scale. Otherwise, Fisker would only be able to accept cash purchases. It is reassuring to see the website now established, especially with the upcoming release of the quarterly results on Tuesday, May 9th, at 5am Pacific Time.

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