Fisker Alaska, PEAR, and Rōnin Shine in European Debut

Fisker unveils its entire EV lineup, including Fisker Alaska, PEAR, and Rōnin, to European customers ahead of IAA Mobility 2023.

Fisker debuts future electric vehicle lineup in Europe ahead of IAA Mobility 2023.
Fisker debuts future electric vehicle lineup in Europe ahead of IAA Mobility 2023.

Today, Fisker released new details about its future electric vehicle lineup presented last night at Motorworld Munich. The company showcased the Fisker Alaska, PEAR, and Rōnin, providing additional information for European markets as these electric vehicles made their debut in Europe. This announcement comes before the start of IAA Mobility 2023, scheduled for tomorrow morning. Henrik Fisker personally presented the upcoming all-electric pickup truck, sustainable city EV, and four-door convertible GT sports car at the exclusive event. Additionally, the company presented its sustainability and ESG vision, emphasizing its commitment to becoming the world’s most sustainable carmaker. These vehicles will be on display throughout Munich until September 10th.

European Details for Fisker Alaska, PEAR, & Rōnin

The company has tailored the new details for each of the electric vehicles specifically for European customers. All vehicles in Fisker’s lineup are now open for customer reservations worldwide. Here are some European specifications Fisker is targeting for each electric vehicle.

Fisker Alaska

The Fisker Alaska is expected to be the world’s lightest and most sustainable EV pickup truck. It will feature flexible cargo capacity, sporty handling, and driving dynamics, combined with luxury SUV comfort. Fisker has designed its “everything” vehicle to accommodate multiple cargo configurations. For instance, the cargo bed extends from 1.4 meters / 4.5 feet to 2.3 meters / 7.5 feet to 2.8 meters / 9.2 feet. It also boasts a Houdini bed divider that hides away to connect the cargo bed and rear cabin, with fold-up panels to protect the rear seats.

This electric truck will offer two battery pack options, 75 kWh and 113 kWh. Each will offer a projected range of 370 to 547 km (230 to 340 miles) and speeds of 0-100 km/h / 0-60 mph time range from 4.3-7.7 seconds / 3.9-7.2 seconds. The starting base price in Germany is €49,900 with VAT, before incentives, and a base price in the UK of £47,900 with VAT, before incentives. Fisker is expecting deliveries of its electric pickup truck to begin in 2025.

Fisker PEAR

The Fisker PEAR, a category-breaking lifestyle vehicle, will have seating options for five or six passengers and sporty handling. Using 35% fewer parts than other EVs in its class, the Fisker PEAR is 4.5 meters long. It will feature a high-performance computer, along with unique storage solutions. For example, the Houdini Trunk (hideaway liftgate) and a front storage compartment called the Froot (“front boot”) for tight European city parking. The ultra-wide wraparound windscreen allows drivers to take in breathtaking landscapes like the English countryside and the majestic Black Forest in Germany.

The PEAR will be available in four trim levels with different battery sizes. For instance, one offers a range of 320 km (WLTP estimate) for short trips. While another provides a range of 560 km (WLTP estimate) for longer journeys. The projected base 0-60 mph time for this electric vehicle is 6.3 seconds, and it can reach 0-100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. Pricing starts in Germany at €32,900 with VAT, before any incentives, and the base price in the UK is £30,900 with VAT, before any incentives. The company is expecting availability of PEAR beginning mid-2025.

Fisker Rōnin

Fisker designed the Rōnin, a five-seat GT convertible, for long-distance cruising. Whether driving through the Alps or from Paris to the south of France, customers will make it on a single charge. The Rōnin will feature an integrated battery pack targeting a range of 1,000 km (600+ miles). Fisker is projecting the triple-motor all-wheel drive powertrain to deliver a massive 1,000-plus horsepower. The company is expecting to achieve 0-100 km/h / 0-60 mph in approximately 2.3 / 2.0 seconds with top speed reaching 275 km/h (170 mph). This ultra-luxury supercar has a price tag of €425,500 / £371,900. It will be hand-built in a limited production run of 999 total vehicles. Fisker is expecting deliveries of Rōnin to begin in the second half of 2025.

“Through our signature blend of design, innovation, and sustainability, Fisker is committed to bringing unique and exciting experiences to European drivers that transcend traditional vehicle categories. Today’s premiere of Rōnin, PEAR, and Alaska in Europe reinforces the strength of that commitment and is a compelling showcase for the innovative and sustainable line-up we have in store.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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9 thoughts on “Fisker Alaska, PEAR, and Rōnin Shine in European Debut

  1. Hi
    I’ve got a question regarding the Houdini trunk: Suppose the mechanism breaks while the trunk is full how can one deal with it? The advantage of a traditional trunk is that gravity sort of kept it closed even if the lock broke.

  2. @ Martin -Most likely there is a safety release lever allowing you to close it or open it if a problem would arise. Normal trunks and frunks also have a similar mechanism with a glow in the dark tag.

    @Sean C. – Has Fisker provided any guidelines about the repair/parts and services of your Ocean?

    1. Still early days and those details haven’t been published yet. However, there is a section in the website/app after buying your Fisker Ocean for “Collision Centers” which is coming soon. Assuming you need a part(s), you would need to reach out to a Fisker Radgiver to order.

  3. The Alaska truck looks great. They say it has everything, does that include a spare tire? I hate it when I see some poor EV owner getting their car towed for a blowout. 🙁

  4. Hey Sean, can you speak to Henrik to see if they can allow customers to buy their Flexee lease? This will allow us to take advantage of the $7,500 tax credit 😇

    1. Thanks for your message. Fisker has said they will release more details on the Flexible Lease later this year. As soon as we get details we’ll publish them online. Until then, we need to wait! 😇

  5. I don’t want to see anymore news from Fisker beside deliver my ocean one. Who promise to delivered by June and now September. Fake promises by Fisker

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