Experience Fisker’s Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles

Get a firsthand look at Fisker’s flagship Experience Center at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Today, we attended the grand opening of the flagship Fisker Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. The eagerly awaited experience center at The Grove justified the anticipation, much like the wait for the delivery of our very own Fisker Ocean. Anyone with a Fisker Ocean reservation would undoubtedly deem it worthy of a plane ticket if they’re not located in Southern California. This sentiment particularly rings true for Fisker customers who haven’t had the chance to see the Fisker Ocean in person or test drive the electric SUV. Notably, Fisker is now scheduling appointments for test drives at this location, and select markets, through an online booking form. Overall, the retail store has a high-end, luxurious, and premium design feel like the Fisker Ocean. It’s on point with the values of the Fisker brand, telling the story about the world’s most sustainable vehicle. The Lounge is not merely a space to view cars; it’s an extension of the Fisker experience.

Building Your Configuration

Surfboard shaped color swatches for Fisker Ocean exteriors at Fisker Lounge experience center (Los Angeles, CA).
Surfboard shaped color swatches for Fisker Ocean exteriors at Fisker Lounge experience center (Los Angeles, CA).

Within this Fisker Lounge, you’ll find three Fisker Oceans on display. One with a Horizon Gray exterior, another in Silver Lining, and our favorite with Great White paint. It marks our first time seeing a Fisker Ocean with a Great White exterior color in person. This standard paint option is truly remarkable, accentuating all the nuanced design elements of the electric SUV. The Fisker Lounge also has surfboard shaped paint swatches in all 14 color options, including the ever popular Solar Orange.

Furthermore, visitors can explore the sustainable interiors of these vehicles, including Black Abyss Plus, Sea Salt, and MaliBlu options. Each Fisker Ocean on-site is equipped with a range of wheel designs, from the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels in both silver and black, to the F6 Vortex wheels. The company also provides samples of every potential configuration choice for the Fisker Ocean including EcoFabric. These are thoughtfully presented in diverse exhibits lining the walls, allowing you to see and physically engage with the various options available.

Recycled Water Bottle Sculpture, It’s More Than Art

110 pounds of recycled water bottles sculpted like a wave breaking into a barrel.
110 pounds of recycled water bottles sculpted like a wave breaking into a barrel.

An art installation of 110 pounds of plastic bottles shaped like a wave breaking in a barrel stands out as one of the most stunning displays. The same water bottle sculpture that appeared on stage at Fisker’s Product Vision Day now captures attention. Witnessing this substantial amount of physical plastic underscores the importance of discovering ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s reassuring to learn that every Fisker Ocean incorporates eco-friendly fabrics and recycled carpeting, all crafted from repurposed plastic bottles and other recycled polymers. We talked about this water bottle Sculpture on the latest episode of All-Things Fisker. We’re pleased to find it on display for everyone to see.

Henrik Fisker Sketches

Henrik Fisker completing the "Fisker Alessia" sketch, an all-electric roadster, at the flagship Fisker Lounge grand opening (Los Angeles, CA).
Henrik Fisker completing the “Fisker Alessia” sketch, an all-electric roadster, at the flagship Fisker Lounge grand opening (Los Angeles, CA).

We enjoyed the experience of seeing Henrik Fisker sketch car designs for both big and small kids at the event. The night before the grand opening, Henrik informed everyone about his plan to engage in this activity. He declared, “Sketching with the kids! When I dreamt of being a car designer it seemed impossible, everyone said! That’s not possible! I did it anyway! So tomorrow at the Grove/LA , I want to teach kids who want to be a car designer. Come by and I’ll do a sketch with you!” Henrik proceeded to sketch various designs, including the Fisker Alaska, RŌNIN, and Ocean. When our turn came, he graciously crafted the “Fisker Alessia,” all-electric roadster, which brought the widest smile to our daughter’s face. This truly marked the perfect finishing touch to the entire experience!

Live Stream: Grand Opening of Fisker Lounge

Earlier in the day, we live streamed our experience at the flagship Fisker Lounge. It was the first time we used the YouTube app and a camera holder to live stream an event. However, we won’t be using that setup again in the future. Pardon our experiment! Despite the video quality limitations, the live stream contains a substantial amount of valuable content. This encouraged us to re-record all the video and also take numerous photos. Throughout the event, many readers and forum members greeted us warmly. We extend our gratitude to everyone who introduced themselves to us. 🌊🌊🌊

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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3 thoughts on “Experience Fisker’s Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles

  1. Just like that. Right before our eyes. Henrik Fisker gives rise to a future Fisker model — The Alessia. That was very, very fun to watch! It had to be exciting for you.

  2. Sean. I would surely have stood in line, but I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina. I would say it was more than a “nice touch”. I’ve heard many complaints about Henrik Fisker as a CEO (and some of the concerns about execution may or may not be valid). But this was a gifted artist-CEO connecting with customers. That should be seen as very unusual…and quite special. Tipping my hat to Henrik on this one. That sketch needs a frame.

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