Coast-to-Coast Fisker Ocean Delivery Update & Product Vision Day Live Stream

Today, Fisker shared several updates for customers. Fisker sent the first update, titled “Fisker Ocean Delivery News,” directly to customers via email. In this update, the company announced that customer deliveries of the Ocean One on the West Coast have began, and fortunately, we were part of the first wave last week. Moreover, Fisker disclosed that limited deliveries have also begun on the East Coast, with several successful deliveries already completed in Florida, as discussed on All-Things Fisker, Episode 32. Fisker further shared its plans to expand deliveries nationwide in the upcoming weeks.

The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and those of us who have received our Ocean Ones are enjoying the experience of getting behind the wheel. Throughout this ramp-up period, Fisker is actively collaborating with its logistics partners to provide timely updates to customers regarding their delivery schedules. Delivery timing is based on various factors. For instance, it is not solely based on the unique number sequence of each customer. Fisker went on to express gratitude to its customers for their patience throughout this process and reaffirms its commitment to delivering vehicles as quickly as possible.

Fisker Product Vision Day 2023: An Exciting Peek into the Future

In addition, Fisker made another exciting announcement—they have published a link to the upcoming Fisker Product Vision Day 2023. The company has scheduled a live event on YouTube, set to take place next week on Thursday, August 3rd at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. This event promises to be captivating as it will provide a first look at Fisker’s future product portfolio. During the live stream event, Fisker will unveil its strategic product roadmap, showcasing their plans to disrupt and innovate in every market segment they enter. We’ve embedded the live stream video above. We hope that you can tune in for this highly anticipated event!

In Fisker’s Words…

Hello Sean,

As we ramp up deliveries, we are pleased to share some important updates with you.

We have started customer deliveries on the West Coast, and in limited quantities on the East Coast, with more deliveries taking place nationwide within the coming weeks. Customers have said they have had great delivery experiences and are enjoying driving their Ocean Ones.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this ramp-up period. We are working closely with our logistics partners to update you with the latest information. As your vehicle delivery time gets closer, we will update you on your vehicle’s estimated arrival time.

Also, as a reminder, if you are an Ocean One customer, your unique number sequence does not dictate the delivery order or timing of your delivery. Vehicle delivery timing will be based on a variety of factors and is not dependent upon the assigned number sequence.

We are working hard to get your vehicle to you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience during this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a Fisker Rådgiver at: [email protected].

Thank you for joining us on the journey toward A Clean Future for All.

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4 thoughts on “Coast-to-Coast Fisker Ocean Delivery Update & Product Vision Day Live Stream

  1. Hi. Most customers are still waiting to receive Ocean One and disappointed after so many broken delivery promises.
    Not everyone is a you tuber or influencer!
    A lot of bla bla about delivery date.

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