53 Days Away, Henrik Visits Magna, Fisker Ocean Production, Partnership, & Fisker Stock Reversal

Fisker visits Magna while announcing a partnership with Wallbox and releasing new details around its India ambitions.

Henrik Fisker test driving a Fisker Ocean earlier in the week at Magna Steyr.
Henrik Fisker test driving a Fisker Ocean earlier in the week at Magna Steyr.

Today, we are 53 days away from the official start of production. Henrik and the Fisker team had a big week as we move closer to November 17th. Team Fisker visited Magna this week and shared a lot of new photos and videos with us. Henrik walked the assembly line, showed off the machine, and completed final inspections of pre-production electric SUVs that came off the line.

The most exciting thing during the week was seeing several fully built Fisker Ocean electric SUVs. We got to see four Fisker Oceans in a line including one in Night Drive, Great White, Big Sur Blue and Mariana. It was our first time seeing a completely built Fisker Ocean in Night Drive and Great White. We also got a glimpse of a new 2023 wheel option on the Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue.

Fisker and Wallbox, Home EV Chargers

This week we learned about Fisker’s new partnership with Wallbox to offer a co-branded Level 2 home EV charger to its customers. Customers will no longer need to think about the best way to charge their Fisker Ocean at home. Fisker will offer Wallbox home chargers available for purchase on its website. In fact, the company will be selling the Pulsar Plus in North America and the Pulsar Max in Europe. Chargers will go on sale in November.

Fisker Ocean in India

While the Fisker leadership team was at Magna, Henrik managed to squeeze in an interview with Reuters about the company’s India ambitions. Henrik said that Fisker aims to be one of the first companies in India to offer electric vehicles. The company has already selected an India headquarters. Now it is exploring local production to offer the most competitively priced vehicles in India. This news happened to trigger a reversal in Fisker’s stock with the broader market closing the week sharply lower.

Weekly Favorites

During all of this excitement, Fisker could become the fastest growing EV company in history in terms of first year production. It’s becoming even more clear as we spent a lot of time documenting The Machine throughout the week. Furthermore, we went on a virtual tour of the Magna Steyr factory giving a closer look at the assembly line. The week wouldn’t be complete without Fisker teasing us about a new video dropping soon from the excessive heat testing. Until next week, enjoy This Week In Fisker Issue # 31.

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  1. But neither of theses wall box have the promised V2G/H feature, is Henrik calling out another function he did promise..

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