Day 6: Electric Vehicle Road Trip Going Well, 408 Miles Away from Walt Disney World

We’ve finally arrived to Florida in our electric vehicle and are just a short drive of 408 miles to our final destination of Walt Disney World.

Today, the family road trip continued and we finally made it to Florida in our electric vehicle! We actually were in a total of four states today including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We started off in Baton Rouge at 8:30am and went straight to New Orleans. We parked over at the public parking garage next to the Hilton. We strolled down the River Walk along the Mississippi River. Then, we went to the French Quarter, walked around, listened to some jazz music, headed to Jackson Square, and then got some benoits at Cafe Du Monde.

Back on the road with the electric vehicle

Charging rates today to get from Baton Rouge to Crestview, FL.

After a couple hours in downtown New Orleans, we continued in our electric vehicle heading east. We used two supercharging locations today. We charged in D’Iberville, MS, which for a total of $15.52. It was charged by the minute at the following rates: 11 minutes at $0.23/min ($2.53), 11 minutes at $0.47/min ($5.17), 7 minutes at $0.76/min ($5.32), and 2 minutes at $1.25/min ($2.50). We also charged 33 kWh in Crestview, FL before dinner at $0.43/kWh for $14.19. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, yes again, just can’t stop eating those blueberry pancakes! Then, to top off the car after dinner we headed back to the same charger in Crestview before heading out with a fully charged electric vehicle. This is where we’re writing today’s update. We’re currently 408 miles away, or about a 6 hour drive, from Walt Disney World. Now it’s time to meet Mickey and Minnie!

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4 thoughts on “Day 6: Electric Vehicle Road Trip Going Well, 408 Miles Away from Walt Disney World

  1. Unbelievable Sean! You and your family driving all the way to Disney World. That is quite impressing. I have been reading your posts these last few days,
    driving in an electric car, all the way there! I for sure look forward to hear your expert comments when the Ocean One information is released soon. Look forward to your next Utube discussion. Are you driving the same way back? Quite a journey! Take good care and I wish you and your family a great trip to Disney World!! You are for sure an impressive person, and appreciate all your great work!!

    1. Thank you Ole! Just arrived today. Hope to enjoy our time here for two solid weeks! Not sure which way we are headed back. Maybe up to Atlanta and Nashville and then decide whereto next from there!

  2. Sean,
    Welcome to Florida. We are happy you are here. You have a beautiful family. Hope you have a great time.

What are your thoughts?