Day 5: Goodbye Austin, Hello Baton Rouge

We say goodbye to the Fisker Ocean in Austin and make our way to Baton Rouge in a 429 mile journey for the day.

Driving to Baton Rouge, LA.

Today, we continued on our journey to Walt Disney World in our electric vehicle after seeing the Fisker Ocean yesterday. While we are sad to leave the electric SUV behind, we are happy to be one more day closer to Walt Disney World. We left this morning at 8:30am and arrived in Baton Rouge just before 5:30pm. Traffic out of Austin was horrendous just like it was going into the city yesterday. We’ve never seen a city with so many cars. Traffic everywhere. Getting into Baton Rouge is a close second.

Passing through Houston, TX

Now, going through Houston was much better. The cars flowed through the city and it has a very nice skyline. However, we got confused with Interstate 10 when we got into the city. This highway throughout Houston has specific lanes with tolls and some that are free. Unknowingly, we almost went through a toll lane. There were so many signs passing by downtown it was a bit overwhelming. Clearly, we made it to our destination, but it definitely makes you wonder if you’re going the right way or not. One nice thing is that the I-10 highway mark is painted on the ground to help visitors choose the correct path.

Arriving in Baton Rouge, LA

Driving into Louisiana and Baton Rouge was very scenic. There are a lot of wetlands, swamps, and marshes to look at to help pass the time. The bridges look pretty cool too. Our favorite was probably the last bridge into Baton Rouge that was built over the Mississippi River. While climbing up the bridge we got to watch all sorts of boats going up and down the river. It was a pretty cool sight to see. We were also faced with lots of traffic. The City of Baton Rouge warns drivers heading into the city to expect delays from traffic. It took us about 1 hour, 15 minutes to go the last 30 miles into the city, but we made it…slowly!

Charing today was a breeze

Three charging stops today en route from Austin, TX to Baton Rouge, LA.

We had to stop at three chargers today along our way to Baton Rouge. Firstly, we charged 54 kWh in Columbus, TX at $0.35/kWh for $18.90. Secondly, we stopped in Beaumont, TX and charged 30 kWh at $0.34/kWh for $10.20. Lastly, we charged tonight in Baton Rouge, LA after dinner at Jason’s Deli to get the electric car ready for tomorrow’s journey. This one was a little weird as we were charged by the minute vs. kWh. We were charged $1.61 for the first 7 minutes at $0.23/min. Then, we were charged $17.60 for the next 40 minutes at $0.44/min.

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3 thoughts on “Day 5: Goodbye Austin, Hello Baton Rouge

  1. Should have eaten at the Acme Oyster House next to the supercharger station: some of the best seafood
    in Louisiana there! And, your ride would have been charged by the time you finished eating.

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