Day 3: Time to see the Fisker Ocean in Austin

Made it to Wichita Falls, TX got to eat breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel and are ready to see the Fisker Ocean in Austin.

Charging the Tesla at a Holiday Inn just before entering Texas
Charging the Tesla at a Holiday Inn just before entering Texas.

Today, we took off in our electric vehicle out of Albuquerque, NM around 9:30am. We made it to Wichita Falls, TX at about 8:30pm with 3 charging stops today. We’re now within striking distance of the Fisker Ocean in Austin, TX. Hotel San Jose, where the Fisker Ocean is 302 miles and 4.5 hours away.

Back to today’s journey…we got to see a couple sites along Route 66. Firstly, we saw the musical highway outside of Albuquerque which plays America the Beautiful when your car’s tires roll over a certain spot on the road. That was really cool if you’ve never checked it out. Secondly, when we got into Texas as stopped at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. There you can see, and spray paint if you want, Cadillacs that have been half buried in the ground.

Charging in Amarillo was the best so far with food, restrooms, and a playground for our daughter. We had to wait around an hour. We couldn’t help it so we went into the gas station and purchased some drinks. Gas in Amarillo was $3.17/gallon for 86 Octane. While we have 87 Octane in California, this was a steal of a price practically half the cost. Charging the battery on the EV was the least expensive today at a rate of $0.33/kWh in Texas. That’s about half the cost of Arizona.

Almost time to see the Fisker Ocean

Charging rates for today.

Now, there is one stop in the way of seeing the electric SUV — Waco, TX. We’re headed to see everything there is to see that is affiliated with Chip and Joanna Gaines including the Silos Baking Company at Magnolia. We watch a lot of HGTV and Fixer Upper is a show that we just love. So, when in Rome, we have to see where the show is made. Should be a lot of fun to check out the college town. Then, after spending a few hours in Waco we will make our way south to see the Fisker Ocean in Austin. The electric SUV will be at Hotel San Jose from November 2-3 from​ 9am-6pm​.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.
Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.

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